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Why can't I click the allow button for Voice Recording?

Due to a bug in Adobe Flash player, sometimes the button to allow access to the microphone will not work in Safari. We tried to solve this issue, but unfortunately it's out of our hands.

This is a work around to allow Quizlet access to your microphone in another way (you'll only have to do it once). And we really apologize for the inconvenience.

Step 1: Open Flash Player Settings

Right click (or hold down control when you click) on the Adobe Flash Player Settings box.


And choose "Global Settings" from the menu and your Global Flash Player Settings will open.

Step 2: Go to site-specific Camera and Mic Settings

Make sure you're on the "Camera and Mic" tab of flash settings.


And then select "Camera and Microphone settings by site."


Step 3: Add and allow

Click on the plus icon in the lower left to add Quizlet.


In the form, fill in "" and then choose "allow" from the dropdown.


Click on add and then you should see quizlet listed here with a green light.


Step 4: Reload the page and try again

Reload the page on Quizlet and click on the microphone icon again. Now that you've allowed Quizlet access, you'll bypass the "allow microphone" step here and go directly to recording.

Other solutions

Another alternative is to use Google Chrome as your browser instead of Safari to access this feature. That version does not rely upon flash and therefore does not have this issue. You can download Google Chrome for free here.