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My microphone isn't working


If you get this screen when you're using voice recording, it means that Quizlet's not getting any sound back from your microphone. This could be because it's muted or because it's not functioning correctly.

Check if your microphone is muted

If you're on a Mac

Go to "Sound" in System Preferences to make sure that your microphone is on and working properly.


Go to the "input" option. You can choose the microphone you want to use here.


Make sure the input volume is turned up and try testing it out.

If you're on Windows

First access your sound options:

  • In Windows 7 this is at the bottom of the screen in a speaker icon and then choose "recording devices."
  • In Windows 8, the sound option is located under "more settings" in the Control Panel.

Choose the microphone you want to use and check that it's working correctly by clicking on "properties."


From here you can check and adjust the input volume by clicking on levels.


Is it still not working?

If your microphone is on but it's not responding when you try to record, please restart your browser and try it again.

If that doesn't work, you can also try restarting your computer. That usually fixes the issue.