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How to use Quizlet Live

What is Quizlet Live?

Quizlet Live is an in-class, team-based learning game. Students work together to correctly match a Quizlet set's terms and definitions, and the first team to match all of their terms and definitions wins!

Who can play Quizlet Live?

All teachers on Quizlet can create Live games with their students for free.

What you need to create a game:

  • A Quizlet study set (with at least six unique terms)
  • At least four students
  • A computer, tablet, or phone for each student
  • 10-20 minutes of class time

How does it work?

  • Students work together in randomized teams of 3 or 4
  • Teams race to match all the terms and definitions
  • Incorrect answers reset the team's progress to zero
  • The first team to match all 12 terms correctly in a row wins
  • At the end of a game, teams see what what they matched correctly and incorrectly

How to set up a game in your class:

  1. Set up your computer to project your screen to the class.
  2. Give each student a computer or tablet.
  3. On your computer, go to the set you’d like your students to study.
  4. Select the "Live" button from the activities options. If you don't see the button, you may need to update your account settings so we know you're a teacher.
  5. On the next screen, select the "Create game" button.
  6. Students go to or on their devices and enter the game's join code projecting on your screen.
  7. When all students have joined and entered their names, preview your randomized team assignments (with the option to reshuffle). Select "Use These Teams" to finalize them.
  8. Ask students to move next to each other so that they can work together.
  9. Start the game!

Additional features for upgraded Quizlet Teachers

Quizlet Teachers have the option to take advantage of additional options for customizing your Quizlet Live games! You can now create custom teams by assigning groups of students a team number, enable audio in-game, and start a new game with a different sent directly from the Live results screen. If you have a free account and would like to upgrade to check these new features out, head over to our upgrades page

Creating custom teams
  • Pick a study set and click the Live icon, then click the Create Game button
  • Share the game pin with your students and wait for them to join
  • Once they're all in, click the Create Game button again
  • A modal will pop up, and you can there choose to have us create random teams or click the "Or create your own custom teams" link
  • After selecting the option to create your own custom teams, you and your students will be presented with an interstitial screen. On the teacher side, you'll see team numbers and blank rows for students' usernames; your students will be prompted to enter their team number. As students join, their usernames will populate under their team number
  • When everyone is in, you can start the game!
Enabling audio
  • When you're getting your students added, check the box in the bottom left corner of the screen. Once the game starts, your students will hear audio read back to them as they're playing

Things to Keep in Mind:

Unique Terms:
We require there be 12 unique terms in your Quizlet set before starting a game. If we find a set that has the same term OR the same definition repeated, we will remove all of those pairs.

Example duplicate pairs:
Banana = yellow
Banana = fruit
Lemon = yellow

Quizlet would remove these three pairs of terms and definitions to prevent confusion.