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Creating a class for your students

Quizlet classes are a great way to organize study sets for your students. You can create up to eight classes using a free Quizlet account, and an unlimited number of classes with an upgraded Quizlet Teacher account.

Creating a class

To get started, sign into your account and select Create a class on the left sidebar of your logged-in homepage. 

Enter your class name and a description if you'd like, and specify whether your students will have the option to add sets and members to your class. If you've created classes in the past, you'll see a list of recent schools to choose from. If not, select Add another school, enter the name of your school, and then select it from the dropdown menu. Then, select Create class

Adding sets to your class
Now that you've created your class, it's time to add sets. To do that, select Add a set at the top of your class page. 

You can choose to add sets you've created, sets in your folders, or sets you've studied by selecting the plus icon next to a set title. If you'd like to add a new set to your class, you can do that from this page as well. 


Inviting your students to join

The last step is to invite your students to join your class by selecting Add members

To invite students via email, type their emails into the text box using commas to separate email addresses. If you know your students' Quizlet usernames, you can add those instead. When you've finished entering emails or usernames, select Send and each of your students will receive an email invitation to join your class. Once they accept, you'll see their Quizlet usernames on your class's Members page. 

If you have a large number of students to invite, you can share the automatic join link for your class with them instead. You can copy this link from your class page and send it to your students by email or write it on the board in class. When your students go to this link, they can sign into their Quizlet accounts or sign up, then automatically add themselves to your class.