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Adding students to a class

The best way to share sets with a group of students quickly and easily is to add them to a class. Students in your class will receive email notifications whenever you add a set to the class.

Note: If your students sign up for free Quizlet accounts before you invite them to a class, the process tends to go more smoothly.

Adding students by automatic join link


Go to your class page and select Members. From the Members page, you can select Copy link to copy and paste your automatic join link into an email to your students -- or simply write the link on the board for them in class.

When a student uses your automatic join link, they’ll be taken to your class page. From there, they can select Join class to add themselves automatically.

Adding students by email address or Quizlet username


You can also send your students an invitation by email or Quizlet username. To do that, go to your class page and select Add members.

Screenshot of class page with add members highlighted

Enter your students' email addresses or usernames, separated by commas, then select Send invites

After a student receives an email invitation, they can accept by clicking the link in the email they received and selecting Join class.