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Using Google Classroom with Quizlet classes

If you already use Google Classroom with your students, you can add them to a Quizlet class quickly and easily.

Creating a Quizlet class

Select Create a class on the left sidebar of your logged-in homepage. 

Enter a class title and select your school -- making sure to uncheck the box next to the text that reads "Allow other members to add sets and new members" if you don't want your students to contribute material to your class. 

Select Create class to save and go to your new class page. 

Linking your Quizlet account with Google Classroom

Once you've created your class, select Link with Google Classroom

If you haven't already linked your Quizlet account to your Google Apps for Edu account, you'll be prompted to do so. Select Get started with class setup, then select Link your account

Select Link your account, then select Allow to grant Quizlet access to your Google Apps for Edu and Classroom accounts.

Adding courses and inviting students 

Select Link with Google Classroom again to see a list of all of your Google Classroom courses. 

Choose the Google classes you'd like to add to your Quizlet class, then select Send invites. Quizlet will send email notifications to all students in the courses you selected so they can sign up or sign into Quizlet and automatically join your Quizlet class. Once your students have joined, you can manage class membership and send additional invitations from the Members page of your Quizlet class. 

Sharing sets to Google Classroom and creating assignments

Go to a set page and select Share. Then, choose Share on Google Classroom

Select the classes you want to share this set with from the dropdown menu, choose an action, and select Go

Choose a due date and add any other info you'd like your students to see, then select Assign.


Why don't I see the option to link my account with Google Classroom?
You may not have specified that you were a teacher when you created your Quizlet account, or your school may not have access to Google Classroom. 

If you think you may not be listed as a teacher in our system, you can change this on your Settings page.

I'm having trouble linking my account.
Please read this article on troubleshooting problems with Quizlet and Google Classroom.