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Using Class Progress

If you have an upgraded Quizlet Teacher account, you can use Class Progress to see your individual students' study activity and best scores from Test mode, as well as class-level data on which terms your students miss and get right most often so you can focus future lessons on that material.

Creating a class and inviting your students

To create a class, sign into your Quizlet account. Then, click on the Create a class link, enter your class's name and school, and save.

To invite your students, go to your class page and click on the Add members button. From there, you can invite students one by one by typing in their usernames or email addresses, send a bulk email invitation, copy your class's automatic join link to share with them, or invite them via Google Classroom. 

Viewing individual student study activity

Once your students have joined your class, any study activity they start or finish when signed into their Quizlet accounts will be logged and displayed on the Class Progress page. To ensure that your students' study activity gets recorded, we recommend that you make your sets visible only to class members rather than public. If your sets are public, your students can study them from your class page without signing in, but this activity won't be displayed in Class Progress. 

To see Class Progress, go to the set page of a set you've added to a class and click on the Class Progress icon. You can view study activity in Class Progress for all sets in a class, whether you created them or they were made by another teacher or one of your students. 

You'll see a list of your students' usernames in alphabetical order, and more detailed information about their activity in all study modes to the right of their usernames. The default view shows the past two weeks of study activity. To change this, click on the dropdown menu and select a different time period. 

If a student has started a study mode, the mode icon will be darkened. If they've finished the mode, you'll see a green checkmark beside the mode icon. If there hasn't been any activity on a mode, the icon will be light grey. To see when a student started or finished a mode, simply place the mouse pointer over that mode icon.


Student scores

While Quizlet is not intended to be used for summative assessment purposes, upgraded teachers can view their students' best scores from Test, Match, and Gravity modes in Class Progress to better understand how well their classes understand the material.

Class-wide data

If you'd prefer to get a higher-level snapshot of which terms your students are missing and getting right most often, you can do that directly from the set page. Once you're on the set page, select Your students from the Sort dropdown menu. You'll see the terms in your set grouped by how well your students know them  Often Missed, Sometimes Missed, Rarely Missed, Never Missed, and No Answers Yet.


Why isn't my students' activity showing up in Class Progress?

This typically happens because the sets in your class are public and your students aren't logged into their accounts when studying, which means Quizlet can't log or display their study activity in Class Progress. If you make the sets in your class visible only to class members, that will require your students to sign in before studying and will ensure that any activity they start or finish shows up in Class Progress. 

If they're studying on the iOS or Android apps, it's possible that they're studying offline. If that turns out to be the case, all the activity they completed while offline will sync to Class Progress when they reconnect to the network. Please see the Missing class progress study activity article for more details.

My students say they finished a study mode but I only see that they started it. Why is this happening?

In order to show up in Class Progress as having finished a study mode, students need to reach the end of that mode on either the Quizlet website or the Quizlet app. To see what the end screen of a study mode looks like, scroll to the bottom of the Help Center article for that mode.