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How teachers can use Test mode

Test mode saves teachers time by automatically creating tests and making it easy for your students to quiz themselves on relevant material. Test works best as a resource for students to practice before an in-class test or exam. It's not a secure testing platform, and Quizlet doesn't offer score reporting or other formal assessment tools. 

You can use Test mode to create and print a test with different types of randomly-generated questions based on the content in any study set. You can also have your students use Test mode on the Quizlet website. 

Creating a printed test

First, select a set that your students have studied. Then, select Test

Select Options to choose the number and type of questions you'd like your students to see. By default, a set with at least 20 terms will have 20 questions. If your set contains fewer than 20 terms, we'll generate a question for each term. Please note that if your set contains duplicate terms or definitions, Quizlet will remove them to prevent confusion between questions with identical answers. 

Once you've configured your test, select Create new test to preview it. If it looks good, select Print test to generate a PDF of your test. You can save the PDF to your computer or print it for your class. 

Creating a test on the Quizlet website
Your students can generate a unique test based on any set you assign them. Instruct your students to go to a set page and select Test, then select Options to choose the number and type of questions you'd like them to use. It's not currently possible to assign students a custom test through the Quizlet website, or to pre-set options for a test. 

When they're finished answering their test questions, they can select Check answers to see their score. 

Then, they can share their score with you by printing their graded test or taking a screenshot of their score and sending it to you by email.