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Embedding Quizlet sets into another website

Already have your own website? Using a school-provided LMS? Embedding Quizlet sets is a great way to share content created on Quizlet with your students on a site they already visit regularly.

You can embed any public set in Flashcards, Learn, Spell, Test, and Match. It's not currently possible to embed Gravity, though we may add that option in the future. 

Embedding a study set

To embed a set, go to the set page and select the More menu, then select Embed

Select the study mode you want your students to see.

Then, select Copy HTML to copy the embed link for that mode onto your clipboard. 

Add that HTML to your class website or LMS page and save your changes. Your students will then be able to study your set in the mode you chose, or any other mode. They can also select View this study set to see the set on Quizlet.