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Embedding Quizlet on a web page


You can embed Flashcards, Learn, Scatter, Speller, Space Race, or Test mode into your own website. Others can study it right on your page, or follow a link to the set on Quizlet.


To embed a study set, go to the set page and click on “More” on the upper right, then select “Embed.” Please note that a set must be public in order to embed it - if a set is password protected, visible to class members only, or private to you, you will not see this option.


A window with six embed codes will appear. Simply click on a code to highlight it, then copy it using your keyboard (Command+c on Mac, Ctrl+c on PC) or right clicking with your mouse.


From your website, people can study your Quizlet set with the mode you selected to embed, but they can also choose to study the set in Quizlet’s 5 other study modes.


Embedding on your Google site

To embed a set on your Google site, copy our embed code then go to your site. Click on the pencil icon to edit your page.


Click the HTML button and paste your Quizlet embed code into the page. Then click “Update.”


You can drag and drop the iframe, to reposition it on the page. Then click “Save” on the upper right, to view how your embed will look to others.


Embedding on Edmodo

To embed a set on Edmodo, copy our embed code then go to your Edmodo group page. Click on the link icon.


In the pop-up window, paste our embed code, add a title, and then click “Attach.”


Add your post then hit “Send.”


All students in your group will receive a message with a link to the Quizlet set, as well as see this post in your stream. They can click on the title name to view and use the set in any mode.