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Requesting Quizlet merchandise for your event

Teacher swag image

Are you organizing a professional development session or presentation about Quizlet? If so, we'd love to support you!

We have a limited amount of merchandise we can send, so please provide us with more information on your training session, event, or talk by sending us an email with the following information -- 

  • Name of the event
  • When and where it is
  • Event website (if it has one)
  • T-shirt sizes (up to three) 
  • Your full name
  • Your delivery address
  • How you plan to feature Quizlet
  • Your presentation, notes, or slides (if possible) 
At your event, make sure to take photos or videos featuring your new Quizlet merch. If you're posting to Twitter or Facebook remember to tag us using @Quizlet. 

Thanks for your continued support and for sharing our tools with others!