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Organize and share your sets by creating a class

Quizlet users who are over a certain age can create a class to organize their sets and share them with friends and classmates.

To create a class

  1. Select Create a class under Your Classes
  2. Enter your class name and a short description if desired
  3. Choose student permissions by checking or unchecking Allow your students to add study sets and new members
  4. Enter the name of your school
  5. Select your school from the menu or add your school
  6. Select Create class

To invite others to join

Students in your class will be able to study and share class sets and will be notified when new sets are added.

  1. Go to the Class page
  2. Select Add members
  3. Enter the email addresses you would like to add separated by commas
  4. Select Send

Once a student accepts your email invitation, their username will show up on the Members page of your class.