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Managing your classes and members

Once you've created classes and added your students, or joined a class created by someone else, there are a few things you'll need to know in order to manage those classes.


Quizlet will send notification emails to all class members, including class creators and admins, whenever new sets are added to that class. Class creators and admins will also receive notification emails when someone requests to join a class they manage. You can manage which notifications you receive from your Settings page, and your class members can do the same.

Class members can disable notifications for a class from the Notifications section of their Settings pages. To do that, uncheck the box next to that class's title. 

Dropping a class

To drop a class, go to your class page and open the More menu. Then, select Drop class followed by Yes, drop class

If you drop a class by mistake, you can contact your teacher or the class admin and have them add you back from the Removed Members section of their class's Members tab.

Making a class member an admin

Students age 13 or older can become class admins. Admins are able to add and remove sets and members from classes, as well as edit a class's title, description and school.

To promote a member of your class to admin, go to your class page and select Members. Open the More menu next to their username, then select Make Admin

Please note that it's not currently possible to remove someone's admin status once they've been promoted.

Editing class info

You can edit a class's title, description and school if you are the class creator or a class admin. Class members can add sets and members to classes they belong to by default. To disable this permission, open the More menu on your class page, select Edit and then uncheck the box next to the text that reads Allow your students to add study sets and new members.

Be sure to select Save when you've finished making changes to your class.

Removing members from your class

To remove someone from your class, go to the class page and select Members. Then, select More next to the username of the member you want to remove and select Remove to remove them from the class. 

To remove all of the members of your class (aside from yourself) at once, open the More menu and select Remove all members

Adding removed members back to your class

If you remove class members by mistake, you can re-add them from the Removed Members section of your class's Members page.

To restore a member, open the More menu next to their username and select Restore

Deleting a class

Only class creators can delete a class. To do that, go to your class page and open the More menu, then select Delete

Please note that once a class has been deleted, it cannot be restored.


I accidentally dropped a class/it says I'm banned from my class. How can I get back in?
If you drop a class by mistake, you can contact your teacher or the class admin and have them add you back from the Removed Members section of the class's Members page.

Does deleting a class delete my class sets?
No. Sets in a class that gets deleted will remain saved to the original creators' Quizlet accounts.  

Why don't I see Make admin next to all of my students' usernames?
Students need to be 13 or older in order to have class admin permissions.

How do I remove a set from my class?

To remove a set from a class, open the class. Select the set you want to remove and then select the More menu (shaped like three dots). From there, you can select Remove to remove the set from your class.