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Finding your teacher's class

In order to join a class, you'll need to create a free Quizlet account or log into your existing account. You can join up to eight classes with a free Quizlet account, and unlimited classes with an upgraded Quizlet Plus account. 

Finding your teacher's class

Once you're logged in, select the magnifying glass icon at the top of the page. Type your teacher's Quizlet username into the text box and press Enter to search. Select Users to see a list of matching search results, and select your teacher's username to go to their Quizlet profile page. 

Select your teacher's username to go to their profile page and select Classes to view a list of all of the classes they've created. Then, select the title of the class you want to join.

From the class page, select Request to join. Your teacher will receive a notification that you've requested to join their class. 

You'll need to wait until your teacher accepts your request to join before you can see private sets in the class. Please note that if you request to join a class created by someone you don't know, it's unlikely that they will accept that request. In these situations, we recommend searching for public sets on the topics you're looking for -- there should be plenty to choose from!