Login with Google allows external websites like Quizlet to use Google's login system. Instead of creating or signing in to a Quizlet account by entering your email and password, everything is done automatically with one click.

Sign up with Google

Teachers - if your school uses Google Apps for Education, Google sign up/login is a great option for you and your students. To sign up for a new Quizlet account using Google, click on "Sign up" from the homepage.

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Then click on "Sign up with Google."

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Your username will be automatically generated from your full name, but you can also edit and choose your own on this page. Then enter your birthdate, click "Create Account," and you're done!

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Next time you visit Quizlet.com, click on the "Google Sign In" button to quickly log in to your account using your Google username and password.

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How can I link my existing Quizlet account to Google?

If you have registered for Quizlet with an email and password but have not linked your Google account, go to the Settings page and click "Link your account to Google."

Google Login

How can I unlink my Google account?

You can unlink your Google account at any time. Go to your Settings page. Make sure you have added an email address and password so you can still log in to your account after your unlink Google. Then click "Unlink your Google account."

Google Login Unlink

Using Google login on shared computers at school

When using Google login, a user stays logged in to Google in that web browser. To ensure that other users can log in after you on a shared computer, make sure to go to google.com and log yourself out of your Google account.