You can set up or connect your Quizlet account using Facebook's login system.

How can I link my Facebook account to my existing Quizlet account?

Log into your Quizlet account, go to the Settings page, and select "Link your account to Facebook."

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If you see a message that says “Unable to load Facebook” with a link to this page, your internet connection may have been interrupted. Logging out of Facebook and back in or clearing your browser’s cache should fix the problem.

How can I unlink my Facebook account?

You can unlink your Facebook account from Quizlet by going to to the Settings page.

You may need to add a password to your Quizlet account so you can log in after Facebook is unlinked. Once you've added a password, the option to unlink your account from Facebook will appear on the Settings page.

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Using Facebook Login on shared computers at school

A Facebook user remains logged in to Facebook on any websites while using a web browser. Make sure to protect your account by going to and log yourself out of Facebook once you're finished using Quizlet.

Why does Quizlet ask me for certain Facebook account information?


Your basic info – This is the default permission required by all apps using Facebook Login. It provides basic information like your name and profile photo. Quizlet does not access or request other personal information like status updates, wall posts, interests, check-ins, and current location.

Your email address – We need to be able to communicate important information about your activity on Quizlet. We do not sell email addresses, we won't spam you, and you can unsubscribe from our newsletter from the Settings page.

Your birthday – We use your birthday to help provide relevant content and restrict other content from younger users. We store this data securely and will not display your birth date to anyone.

Your education history – We use information about your schools to personalize your Quizlet experience. For example, we can suggest classes and study sets from other students at your school.


Your friends - We show you Facebook friends who are also on Quizlet. Go to the Settings page to see this information and view their Quizlet profiles.

Quizlet will not post anything to your Facebook without your explicit consent!