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Accounts for students under 13

Quizlet is open to learners of all ages, and there are additional safety restrictions on accounts for users under 13.

Confirmation Email

Signing up for an under-13 account requires a parent's email address, and Quizlet will send a confirmation email to that parent to verify the account.


Quizlet users under 13 do not have access to social sharing features like Facebook and Twitter. They can find classmates, teachers, and friends by entering a Quizlet username in the search box.

Making study sets public

Study sets on accounts for users under 13 can only be made public after their account is confirmed by a parent. Sets will remain private on unconfirmed accounts.

Bookmarking folders

Quizlet users under 13 can create and bookmark their own folders, but their folders cannot be bookmarked by other users.

Creating classes

Users under 13 cannot create their own Quizlet classes, but they may join a class created by someone else.

Uploading a profile image

Users under 13 cannot upload their own profile image, but they can still select from one of Quizlet's default images.