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Accounts for younger students on Quizlet

To help ensure that Quizlet is a suitable study environment for learners of all ages, we have implemented several user safety-focused restrictions on accounts for our younger users. If you're a teacher, you can distribute this handout to your students' parents to help them create accounts for (or with) their children.  

Account creation


In compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and other data protection regulations, users under age 13 (or older if required by local law) are required to link their Quizlet accounts to a parent's email address. When your child signs up, Quizlet sends a message to your email address letting you know that your child has created an account on Quizlet and providing you with information about the choices you and your child have to protect their privacy. We also ask you to confirm your child's account and provide consent for us to unlock some additional learning features.


If you’re having trouble confirming your child's account, make sure you're signed into the email address they used to sign up. If you don’t know (or forgot) the password, please request a password reset and create a new password for the account.

Updating account information


We want to make sure that parents have the opportunity to review and update information on their child's account. This information can be accessed by logging in to your child's account and going to their Settings page. If you are a parent who needs to update your child's parent email address, please write to us from the email address currently associated with their account and the update required. If you no longer have access to this email, Quizlet staff may be required to request some additional information to confirm your relationship with the account.

Making study sets public


While younger users can create study sets, these sets can only be made public once their parent has provided their consent through our account confirmation process. Once your child's account has been confirmed, they'll need to edit any previously created sets to make them public. Without this confirmation, sets created by younger students will be private.

Creating classes


Younger users cannot create their own Quizlet classes, but they can join classes created by other Quizlet users  — for example, their teacher or an older classmate. Classes a younger user has joined are not visible on their public profile.

Uploading profile pictures


We do not allow younger users to upload their own profile pictures. Instead, they can choose one of Quizlet's default images on their Settings page.

Deleting an account

All users can delete their own accounts from their Settings page. In addition, the parents of younger users can contact us requesting that we delete their child's account on their behalf. To verify the request is coming from the parent, we require that the request be sent from the email address associated with their child's account.