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Typos or incorrect information

A majority of the content on Quizlet is created by individual students and teachers for personal or classroom use. This means that you may occasionally come across typos or other errors when browsing sets created by other users on the Quizlet website or mobile apps. 

If you find a set you want to study that contains spelling mistakes, typos or other small errors, you can use our Copy tool to make necessary corrections and save a new version of the set to your own account. 

We understand that this isn't an ideal solution since it doesn't provide a way to let people know about mistakes in their sets or prevent others from studying material with typos or errors. That being said, our team takes content quality seriously and we're working towards better ways to rank and improve content on Quizlet. Some of this work could involve improving our search functionality to boost trusted, high-quality content in search results, making lower-quality sets less prominent or building a way for users to rate sets. 

If you have questions about this or feedback you think we might find helpful, let us know!