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Academic integrity on Quizlet

If you have found quiz or exam answers, active test banks, or any other material that is being used for cheating purposes, please report this material to us so that we can address it promptly. 

Quizlet is built to support better educational opportunities, habits, and values for all learners. Quizlet is not to be used for cheating. The misuse of our platform to develop bad habits, such as cheating or cutting corners on assignments and tests, is disheartening to us. Our team works hard to uphold academic integrity on our platform, and we are continuously adding features to ensure Quizlet is used properly to support learning everywhere.

Though test bank content makes up a very small percentage of what is uploaded to Quizlet, we understand and share the frustration of teachers at finding their material posted publicly on the web, and we take these concerns very seriously. The leaking of confidential test banks is not solely a Quizlet issue, but it is important that we do as much as we can to prevent this content from being shared via our study sets, discourage bad actors from posting it, and support teachers and students in getting it removed as soon as possible.

Quizlet actively works to prevent cheating and the sharing of test bank content. Our Community Guidelines prohibit this behavior and the posting of this material. We make it easy for Quizlet’s users to report this type of inappropriate content; users see reporting tools and means to contact us from every page. Our support team prioritizes responses to reports of cheating. Behind the scenes, we have tools to remove public access to multiple sets, send warnings to offending set creators, and search for similar content based on keywords and course titles.

We continue to update and improve our tools, and learn from reports coming in from our users. Last year we created a system of adding test bank markers (question/answer pairs found in reported test bank sets) to a database that is run against every new set created on Quizlet — which means newly uploaded sets with any matching terms will be automatically flagged for review and removal. We also work closely with test and course content publishers to develop ways to partner on tackling this shared issue, proactively and reactively. It continues to be a top priority of our Trust and Safety team to build stronger, more comprehensive methods of addressing not only reported test banks, but also probable cheating content based on recognized question and answer formats.

While the reality is that there will always be people trying to cut academic corners, Quizlet’s mission is to support and enhance learning by creating great tools that empower students to study and teachers to teach. Cheating is not learning, and we will continue to fight against this type of content and activity on our site.


If you have any questions about our stance and the actions we take, please contact us. To alert us to content on Quizlet that contains your test, quiz, or exam answers, use our reporting form so that we can better prioritize and handle your request.