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Creating and editing your sets on iOS

Creating a new set

To create a new study set on the Quizlet iOS app, tap Create a new study set at the top of the screen. 

Enter a title, then tap into the first text box to start entering terms and definitions. 

After you add your first term and tap into the definition text box, we'll prompt you to confirm that we've detected the correct language for that term. When you tap into the term text box in the second row, we'll prompt you about the definition language in the first row. If we detect the wrong language, you can tap No, choose language to select the correct one on the next screen. 

To add a new row, tap the icon. 

When you're finished, tap Done and you'll be all set!

Editing a set

To edit a set, tap on the set title from your Latest feed or Profile tab. Then, tap on the overflow menu icon in the top right corner of the screen and tap Edit set

Make any changes you need, then tap Done to save them.