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Studying on the Quizlet iOS app

The Quizlet app has five study modes: Flashcards, Learn, Match, Write and Test. You can choose a study mode at the top of the set page by tapping on the icon of the mode you want to use. 

Screenshot of iOS set page


Flashcards mode enables you to study Quizlet sets as flashcards. To begin, tap Flashcards on the set page. If we provide audio in the language(s) used in the set you're studying, it will be on by default. To turn audio off, tap the gear icon and toggle the audio switch off. To flip the first card and see the term, tap any white space on the card. If you have audio on, you can replay it by tapping the speaker icon in the top right corner of the card. Tap the star icon to mark that particular card so you can focus on learning it later. 

To move on to the next card, swipe up. If you'd like to have your cards progress automatically, tap the play icon in the top right corner of the screen. Once you tap play, the icon will change to a pause icon which you can tap anytime to stop playback. The crossed arrow icon will shuffle the order of your cards. 

Tap the gear icon to view additional settings. 

To see terms first, toggle on the Start with term option. Restart Flashcards will start your cards at the beginning of the set. If you've starred any terms, you'll also see the option to switch to a starred session to review only those terms. Tap Done to save your preferences. 

To return to the set page from Flashcards mode, tap the in the top left corner of the screen. We'll save your progress so that you can pick up where you left off when you go back to Flashcards to continue studying. 


Learn mode tests your knowledge of a subject, keeps track of what you know, and retests you on your mistakes. To begin, tap Learn on the set page. 

It will automatically display a random definition, but will not play audio by default. Type the answer, then tap Done on your keyboard to submit the answer. If you don't know the answer, tap Don't know and then retype the answer to proceed. 

If you accidentally mistype the answer and it's marked wrong, tap I mistyped! to proceed. 

For additional settings, tap the gear icon. As with Cards, you can toggle audio on or off and switch to see terms first. You can also tap Restart Learn to clear your progress and start over. 

Quizlet tracks what you get right and wrong as you progress through a set. At the end of each round, you can view how many terms are Unknown, Learned, and Mastered. Tap Next round to keep practicing!

To return to the set page from Learn, tap the x. 


Quizlet keeps learning lively with Match! Race against the clock to match terms and definitions and try to beat your top score. First, tap Match on the set page. On the next screen, tap Start game to begin. If you've marked terms with a star, you can study only those terms by tapping Start with 


Match all of the terms with their definitions. If you pick the wrong match, extra time will be added to your total (we'll show that to you when you finish). Tap Play again or Play with 3  to try again.

To return to the set page from Match, tap the x


Practice Test mode gives users a chance to see how they might perform on an in-class test. To begin, tap Test on the set page. Your test will automatically have written, multiple choice, and true/false questions. Tap the checkmark box to remove question types you don't want to see. You can change the number of questions by tapping Question count

To see the term as a prompt instead of the definition, tap Start with term. You can play audio by toggling on Tap to play audio. Enabling Instant Feedback provides real-time feedback on right/wrong answers as you answer questions so you don't have to wait for a final score after completing your practice test. 

To start your practice test, tap Start Test

After you finish answering all of the questions, you will see your test score and how many questions you missed. Swipe left to review your answer to each question, starring any cards you'd like to focus on in the future. Tapping Retake will start a new test; tapping Retake starred will start a new test covering only your starred terms. 

To return to the set page from Test, tap the x.