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Learn on Android

The new Quizlet Learn, available now on Android, takes the guesswork out of studying by creating a study plan based on your content and guiding you through what to study. 

Getting started

Learn will quiz you with different types of questions including flashcards, multiple choice, and written responses. If you don't make any changes to Learn's default settings, you'll see questions in flashcard form first. As you study, Learn will adjust the questions to be easier or more difficult based on your study patterns. 

Preparing for a test on a specific date? Enter a due date on the Settings screen so Quizlet can send you study reminders at the right time to make sure you learn all of your material on schedule. Quizlet will also prompt you to enter a test date after you reach the first progress checkpoint in a study session. No test on the horizon? Skip this step by tapping Not now to learn on your own time. 

Tap Got it for terms you know; tap Study again for terms you don't. As you continue studying with Learn, you'll progress through multiple choice and written questions.  

Once you start seeing multiple choice questions, you'll be able to work towards mastering your terms more quickly. After you select an answer, we'll tell you if it was right or wrong. To move to the next question, swipe left or right to dismiss it.

Mastering your terms and tracking progress

By default, we'll prompt you to write answers in the definition language of your set first as that's typically the content you're looking to learn. As you progress through a study session and master more definitions, you'll gradually start to see prompts to enter terms as answers for more of a challenge. This also helps ensure that you know your terms and definitions equally well. For most written questions, you'll be prompted to type the shorter half of your term/definition pair. 

Your progress percentage will increase as you master the terms in your set. If you stop studying for a while, your progress percentage will decrease gradually. After you complete a round, you'll have the option to move forward with your studying by tapping Continue or check your progress by tapping More details

On the results screen, you'll see your overall progress, how much you improved between rounds, and how many terms you've mastered. Tap Continue to keep studying. 

Once you've mastered all of the terms in your set on a given day, you won't see any changes in progress or mastery on that day. Don't worry, though! You'll pick up where you left off when you start studying again the next day. 


Quizlet will send you a notification on your Android device every day until your set due date. If you've already studied a set in Learn before the time you're scheduled to receive a notification to study, you won't get a reminder. The same logic applies if you haven't set a due date. 

You can change the time of day you receive study notifications in your account settings. 


How can I go back to the old Learn?
Going back to old Learn is easy! To do that, go to a set page and tap Write. Write mode functions the same as the previous version of Learn. 

How does the new Quizlet Learn work?
Learn is powered by the new Quizlet Learning Assistant platform, which uses machine learning to process data from millions of anonymous study sessions, and then combines that data with proven techniques from cognitive science. With Learn, Quizlet builds you an adaptive study plan based on what you need to study and your due date, adjusting questions to make your study sessions harder or easier based on your study patterns.

When will new Learn be available on the Quizlet website?
We're actively working on new Learn for the Quizlet website and hope to have it ready soon!