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Why can't I access this set?

All of the content on Quizlet is created by individual students and teachers — and you may come across sets that are only visible to the creator, people with a password or members of a specific class. 

If you are in a class that has access to a particular set, please log into your account. You can recover your Quizlet account's username or password here if you're having trouble logging in. To learn more about joining a class, go here

Alternatively, if you know the creator of a set, we recommend reaching out to them directly in order to gain access.

If a set is private and visible only to the creator, then it is unavailable to other Quizlet users — even if you have an upgraded account. The best solution in this case is to search Quizlet for public sets on the topic you're looking to study. There are over 140 million sets on Quizlet, so it's likely that another user has created a public set on the same subject!

You can find sets for your subject by selecting the Search icon at the top of any page on Quizlet.

Enter your search query, then press Enter.

After you locate a set, you can study it or save a copy to your own account. If you aren't able to find a set about the topic you're looking to study, you can create your own set instead!