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Why isn't my audio being read back?

If you're unable to hear text to speech (TTS) audio on your sets, please try the following steps to clear up the issues you're having. 

Is audio working on your device?

  • Check that audio is working on your device by listening to this audio test file. Be sure to check that your speakers aren't muted and your volume is turned up!
  • If you can't hear the audio test file and your speakers aren't muted, you may need to update your web browser (or switch to a different one). Quizlet works best in Chrome, Safari and Firefox. If you're using Internet Explorer, make sure you're using Internet Explorer 11 or update your browser to Edge 14 or 15Quizlet does not support TTS audio in Opera
  • If you're using the Quizlet app, make sure you have the latest version installed on your iOS or Android device. If you're studying offline, audio may not have pre-loaded on your device. Going forward, you can make sure audio will play back when you're offline by following the steps outlined in this article about using the apps offline
  • If you're using IE11, make sure you have the latest version of Flash installed. If you have a Flash blocker installed, like Flashblock or Clicktoflash, add Quizlet to the whitelist. 

Does Quizlet offer TTS in the language you're studying?

  • If your set isn't playing audio at all, that may be happening because Quizlet doesn't support TTS for the language(s) you're studying. Quizlet currently offers TTS audio in 18 languages. You can see our full list of supported languages here. And be sure to check that you've selected the correct language for your terms and definitions on the Create Set page!
Are your terms and definitions too long?
  • Quizlet supports TTS audio for terms and definitions up to 300 characters in length. If your text is longer than 300 characters, TTS audio won't play back.