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Missing Class Progress study activity

Upgraded Quizlet Teachers can use Class Progress to monitor student study activity, see how well individual students grasp the content they're teaching and get a sense of their class's mastery over the material they're teaching. 

Read on for best practices when setting your classes up and additional details to help troubleshoot if you're not seeing the study activity you expect!

Students aren't members of your class

In order to see your students' study activity in Class Progress, you'll need to create a class and invite your students. You will not be able to view Class Progress for a set if it hasn't been added to a class or if your students have not created free accounts and joined the class you've set up. 

Please note that your students will have to accept your class invitation in order to be added; sending an invitation by email does not automatically add them to your class. 

Students aren't logged in

Students must be signed in to their accounts when studying to ensure that Quizlet can log and display their study activity and best scores on Class Progress pages. If you make all of the sets in your class visible only to class members, your students will be required to log in to their accounts in order to see and study your sets. This will ensure that all of their started and finished activity gets logged in Class Progress. 



Students are studying offline on the apps

Study activity completed on the Quizlet website, iOS and Android apps will be recorded and displayed on your Class Progress page. However, as our mobile apps support offline usage, it's possible that your students' finished activities aren't showing up because your students were studying offline on their phones or tablets. 

Generally speaking, it's best to advise your students to study on the apps when connected to wifi or data so their activity syncs to Class Progress on the website right away. However, any activity done on the apps offline will sync to Class Progres when a student reconnects to the Internet — so you don't need to worry that their offline activity will never be synced. 

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