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My students' study activity isn't showing up in Class Progress

Quizlet Teacher subscribers can use Class Progress to monitor student study activity. With Class Progress, you can see which of your students has studied a set, if and when they finished studying, and view their best score for certain study modes.
There are a few reasons why your students’ study activity wouldn’t show up in Class Progress even though they say they’ve finished studying. Please read on for more detail, and if your problem isn’t addressed let us know so our Support team can help!

Your students aren’t members of your Quizlet class

In order to see your students’ study activity in Class Progress, you’ll first need to create a class and invite your students.

You won’t see the option to view Class Progress for a set if it hasn’t been added to a class or if your students have not created free accounts and joined the class you’ve set up. Please note that your students will have to accept your class invitation in order to be added -- sending an invitation does not automatically add them to your class.

Your students aren’t signed in to their Quizlet accounts when studying because your sets are public

If your sets are visible to everyone, instead of just your classes, your students will be able to study without logging into their Quizlet accounts.
Quizlet can only log study activity in Class Progress if students are logged in to their Quizlet accounts while studying on our website, iOS or Android app.

To ensure that your students sign in before studying, you can adjust your class set's visibility to Visible to certain classes. When a set is visible only to class members, students will need to log in to the account they used to join your class in order to see and study the sets you’ve added. 

To adjust set visibility follow the steps below.

  1. Sign in to your Quizlet account
  2. Go to your class page and select a set
  3. Select Edit
  4. Select the Change link below Visible to everyone
  5. Select Certain classes from the dropdown menu
  6. Check the box next to each class you want to have access to your set

Screenshot of set visibility modal with certain classes setting and classes checked
7.              Select Save
Have further questions or a different problem? Please let us know!