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I'm not getting emails from Quizlet

Are you having trouble receiving password resets, notifications or other emails from Quizlet? If so, read on for more information about common issues and how to fix them!

If you've requested a password reset email but aren't seeing it in your inbox, please wait a few minutes. 

If you still haven't received your reset email after this time, check your Spam or Junk folder to see if it was delivered there by mistake. You may have also marked Quizlet messages as spam, which blocks all emails from Quizlet. To allow us to email you again, go to your email settings and mark Quizlet emails as "not spam." If you have trouble figuring this out, or this isn't an option in your email settings, let us know and we can help.  

It's also possible that your school's email provider blocks emails from external senders  — like Quizlet. This is especially common in K-12 school districts. If you think that may be the case, please send us an email with the following information:
  • Your Quizlet username
  • Your date of birth
  • Your school email address
  • A new email address that accepts messages from external senders
Once we receive that email, we can look up your Quizlet account and help you regain access.


How do I update my account if it's linked to an old email address?
If you signed up for Quizlet with an incorrect email, or an email you no longer have access to, we can help you update your account to be linked to a new email address.