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Starting your free trial of Quizlet Teacher

Quizlet Teacher, our premium upgrade for educators, unlocks advanced creation and customization tools like uploading images, recording custom audio with Voice Recording, adding unlimited points to diagram sets and more ways to play Quizlet Live.

To start a two-week free trial of Quizlet Teacher, you can follow the steps below:
  1. Log in to your free account or sign up
  2. Go to a diagram set with six or more terms and locations (you can choose one here or create your own)
  3. Select Live on the diagram set page you choose
  4. Then, select Create game
  5. Choose to have your students play with either Term and definitionTerm and location or Definition and location (any of the starred options), then select Create game
  6. When the “Try Quizlet Teacher” popup appears, choose Start your free trial
During your free trial, you’ll have access to all features of our Quizlet Teacher upgrade. You can check how many days are left in your free trial from your Settings page.


Is Quizlet Live still free?

Yes, definitely. Teachers with free Quizlet accounts can still use Live with their students on text-based study sets, where games will default to definitions as prompts and terms as answers. In order to select terms as prompts and definitions as answers, or use Quizlet Live with diagram sets, you’ll need to upgrade to Quizlet Teacher.

What happens when my free trial ends? Do I automatically get charged?

As we don’t require payment information to start a free trial, you won’t be charged for a Teacher subscription automatically. You’ll receive an e-mail from us when your trial period ends, at which point you can choose to upgrade to Quizlet Teacher for the year. If you decide not to upgrade, your account will automatically return to our free version and you’ll no longer have access to upgraded Teacher features. Any content you’ve created during your free trial with uploaded images or recorded audio will remain on your account.

How come I don’t see the option to start a free trial?

If you’ve already had a free trial with us, or upgraded your account previously, you won’t see this option.