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Copying another user's set on iOS

Looking to save another person’s set to your own account? You can use the Copy tool on the Quizlet iOS app to accomplish that quickly and easily.

First, go to the set you want to copy/customize. Once you’re on the set page, tap the More menu (represented by three dots). Then, tap Copy set.

After you tap Copy, you can make changes on the Create Set page. When you’re finished editing, tap Done to save the set.

When you’ve saved your copied set, Quizlet will take you to your new set page so you can study or share it.


How do I create a customized duplicate of my own sets?

The process of copying your own set is identical to the process for copying a set made by another user.

Can I copy sets on the Android app?

Yes! If you update your Android app to version 3.4 or later, you’ll have the option to customize sets there as well.