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Customizing another user's set on Android

Looking to save a set someone else created to your own account? It’s easy to do this using the Copy tool on the Quizlet Android App!

  1. Find the set you want to copy

  2. From the set page, open the More menu (represented by three dots)

  3. Then, tap Copy

This will create a draft copy of the set in your account, which you can edit before saving if you’d like. Once you’re finished editing, tap the checkmark at the top of the screen to save your customized version.



How do I create a customized copy of my own study sets?

You can duplicate and customize a set you created by following the same steps used to customize a set made by someone else!

Can I copy sets on the Quizlet website or iOS app?

Yep! You can copy sets on the Quizlet website and iOS app by following the instructions in the linked articles.