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Sharing Quizlet sets using Microsoft Teams

Teachers with access to Microsoft Teams can now search for and share Quizlet sets using the Quizlet integration for Microsoft Teams. There are two easy ways to share Quizlet sets — adding a set to a tab and posting a set to a Conversation. 

In Microsoft Teams, tabs allow you to pin and display interactive web content for your class. Conversations allow you to send messages and posts to all of the class members in your channels.

Getting started

Sign into your Quizlet account on the Quizlet website. If you're not signed in, you won't be able to search for or share sets via Conversations.

Then, sign into the Microsoft Teams website, go to the Store, and select the Quizlet app. Select the team you'd like to share Quizlet sets with from the Add to a team menu and select Install

Once the Quizlet app finishes installing, you can start sharing Quizlet sets on both the Microsoft Teams website and desktop app. Please note that the Quizlet integration is not available when using the mobile Teams app.

Adding a Quizlet set as a tab

To add a Quizlet study set as a tab, select the plus icon. Select the Quizlet app, copy and paste a link to a Quizlet set, then select Search (or press the Enter key). 

If you don't want to notify channel members about this change, deselect Post to the channel about this tab. Select Save to post your set to the top of your channel.

Sharing sets for your channel members to study

You can search for Quizlet sets and post them directly to the Conversations tab on any channel. Members of the channel will be able to view or study your set using Learn, Flashcards, Test, or Match. 

First, go to the Conversations tab. At the bottom of the page, open the More menu (represented by three dots) and find Quizlet. 

To search for a set, enter the title or the creator's Quizlet username. Choose a set and add it to a message for your channel, then select Send

To pin the Quizlet app to your messaging tools, open the More menu to the right of the Quizlet button and select Pin. This will add the Quizlet icon to your messaging tools so you can easily choose it as an option in the future.