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Using the Quizlet mobile apps to study offline

All upgraded users can study and create sets offline on the iOS and Android apps.

Saving your study sets to review offline

Quizlet will save 8 of your most recently used sets automatically, but you can also save specific sets for offline studying.

To enable the automatic download:

  1. Tap the account icon at the bottom of your screen​Screenshot of home screen with profile icon highlighted
  2. Tap the toggle next to Save sets for offline studying.

When your set has successfully saved, the set page will show a green mobile checkmark:
Depending on the size of your set, it can take several minutes for it to fully download. For example, sets with images and custom audio contain media files will take a bit longer to download.

Studying offline

You can find sets that you’ve saved for offline studying in the Downloads tab.
From Home:

  1. Tap View all sets
  2. Slide over to the Downloads tab at the top of the page

You can also access downloaded sets from your latest activity feed. If the set title is grey, it is not currently available for offline studying.

Your offline study progress will sync with Quizlet’s servers the next time you have network connection.

Managing your downloads

To remove a single set from downloads:

  1. Open the set page
  2. Tap the checkmark mobile icon
  3. Tap Remove from downloads

To remove all saved media from your device:

  1. Tap the Profile icon
  2. Tap Manage storage
  3. Select Remove downloaded media

Creating and editing sets offline

You can create and edit Quizlet sets offline. Sets you create or edit offline will be automatically published when you reconnect to the Internet.

*Please note that the scan text feature is not available offline.


I have a free account. Can I study offline?

You’ll need to purchase a subscription in order to study offline.

Will my offline study progress be saved?

Yes. Your offline study progress will be saved on your device and then synced with Quizlet’s servers when you go back online.

Will my teacher be able to see my work if I study offline?

Yes. Once you reconnect to WiFi or data and refresh the app, all of your offline progress will be synced to Quizlet so you and your teacher can see it.

Can I study offline from my computer?

Not right now, but we may look into creating that option in the future!