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Creating and managing classes on the Quizlet iOS app

Classes enable Quizlet users to organize study sets and easily share them with others.

Using the Quizlet website, not the app? Sign in to your account and select Create a class from the left sidebar.

Creating a new class


Select the Create icon at the bottom of your screen.

Screenshot of bottom nave bar with Create icon highlighted

Tap Create class, then enter a title. Add a description if you’d like; it’s optional.

If you want to allow members to add sets and new members, you can give them permission to make changes by turning the toggle on or off.

Screenshot of class settings

Tap Save to create your class.

Inviting people to join your class

To add class members, select a class from your Home feed.

Tap Members and open the Options menu.

Screenshot of class members tab in iOS with options menu highlighted

From the Options menu, select Invite members. In order to join a class on Quizlet, you need to have an account. If some of the people you invite don't have accounts, they'll be prompted to sign up before they can join.

From the share menu, you can invite people to join in one of three ways:

  • Send an email with the class join link

  • Share the join link via another app, e.g. Messages, WhatsApp, Remind, etc.

  • Use Airdrop to send the join link to other iOS devices

Adding and removing sets


Tap the options icon from a class page and select Add Sets.

Then, select sets you want to add to your class.

You can add sets you’ve created or studied, or that have been added to other classes you’re a member of.

Tap Done when you’re finished adding sets.

To remove a set from a class, swipe left on the set title and tap Remove.


I’m not seeing the option to create a class. What’s going on?

In order to create a class, you need to be at least 13 years old. If you’re 13 or older and don’t see this option, make sure you’ve updated your iOS app and are using version 3.19.1 or later. You can see which version you have by tapping the Account icon and scrolling to the bottom of that screen. If you’re on an older version of the app, download the latest update from the App Store!

Can I remove members from my class?

It’s not yet possible to remove class members from the Quizlet app. You can remove members by logging in to the Quizlet website from your device’s browser and selecting a class’s Members tab.

How do I delete a class I created from the Quizlet iOS app?

You’ll need to delete classes you’ve created from the Quizlet website. To do that, log in to your account, go to your class page and open the More menu, then select Delete class.

I don’t see the option to add sets or members.

This means that you don’t have permission to make changes to the class. You’ll need to contact the creator of the class and ask them if they’ll give you this permission. They can do that by making you an admin from the class’s Members page on the Quizlet website or giving all class members the option to add sets and new members.