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Automatic sign-in with Google

The Quizlet website will automatically sign you in if your Quizlet account is linked to a Google account that you're also signed in to.

Automatically signing in to Quizlet with Google

To use automatic sign-in, sign in to your Google account in your browser. Then, go to the Quizlet website in the same browser.

Select Log in at the top of the page. You'll see a small box pop up that says  Sign in to with Google. Select Continue as (your name). Google will verify your account and then sign you in to Quizlet. 

Once you've verified your account, you'll be automatically signed in to Quizlet each time you go to the homepage. 

If you have multiple Quizlet accounts linked to different Google accounts, you'll see a list of Google accounts to choose from after selecting Log in.

Activating or deactivating automatic sign-in

If you do not want to be automatically signed in to your Quizlet account via automatic sign-in, you can unlink your Google account from your Settings page. You can also turn automatic sign-in off by going to Google's passwords page (Chrome only). 

To link your Quizlet account to Google and activate automatic sign-in, go to your Settings page and select Link your account to Google


Why can't I log in to my Quizlet account with Google?

Please see our Trouble signing in article for help solving common login problems or contact our Support team!