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Someone signed up for Quizlet using my email address

Quizlet is a free learning platform that requires younger students to input their parent or guardian’s email address when signing up for an account on the website or mobile apps. Occasionally, these users enter the wrong email address by mistake.

If you think you know the student who signed up for Quizlet using your email, you can learn more about how they can use Quizlet here.

If a younger student signed up for Quizlet using your email address without your permission, please follow the instructions below to let our Support team know. They will remove your email from our system.

Unsubscribing your email address

To unsubscribe your email address:

  1. Open our contact form
  2. Select None of the above then select Unsubscribing from Quizlet emails
  3. In the Questions/Comments box please tell us your email address and the Quizlet username linked to this email address (found in your “Welcome to Quizlet” email).
  4. Send message​​​

Once we receive your email, the Quizlet Support Team will unlink your email address from this user’s account.


I can’t find the Quizlet username associated with my email address

The Quizlet username can be found in the Welcome to Quizlet email you received from us. If you can’t find your account confirmation email, please check your spam or trash folders and then reach out to our support team and we will get back to you.