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Studying folders on Quizlet's iOS app

Want to review all of the sets in your folder at once? The Quizlet iOS app lets you study an entire folder using the Flashcards, Test, and Match study modes!  

Studying folders on iOS

To study a folder:

  1. Select the Home icon from the bottom of your screen.

  2. Scroll to the Folders section of your Home feed. Tap on the folder you would like to study.

  3. Tap the Study this folder button.

Select which study mode you would like to use to review your sets. You can use the study folder option to review your combined sets in Flashcards, Test or Match study modes.

When you study a folder, Quizlet will combine terms and definitions from all the sets in your folder. Then, you can review all of your folder’s sets in this study mode just as you would any individual set.  



Can I study folders on the website or Android app?

Currently, this feature is only available on the Quizlet iOS app. But we are working toward making it available on the website and Android app in the future.


Can I study a folder in Write, Spell, Learn or Gravity mode?

The study folder option is available for Flashcards, Test, and Match study modes. Quizlet will be looking at adding new study modes in the future.

Quizlet Plus subscribers can also use this feature with any folder in which Long-Term Learning is enabled.