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Joining a Quizlet Live game from the Android app

When your teacher starts a new game of Quizlet Live, you can join it from either the website or your logged-in Android or iOS mobile app!


Joining Quizlet Live from your Android mobile device

  1. Log in to your Android app

  2. Tap the Search icon

  3. Tap Play Quizlet Live

  4. Select Join a game

  5. Type the join code your teacher shared with you into the boxes

  6. Select Join game  

  7. Type your first name and select Next

  8. Find your teammates

  9. Play Quizlet Live! The game will start once everyone has joined the game and gotten together with their team.

    Note:  Only teachers can start games of Quizlet Live. Please see this article if you are a teacher and don't see this option.