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Completing study modes to get a check mark in Class Progress

Does your teacher use Class Progress to check which study modes you’ve used? Want to know what you need to do to get credit for your work? Read on to find out how to get a checkmark in Class Progress for each study mode!




To complete a round of Learn, you will need to correctly answer each question twice. When you answer a question correctly once, it will be labeled as Familiar and given a check mark. When you answer a question correctly two times, Learn will label the question Mastered and give it two check marks.

Learn is made up of multiple rounds that contain several questions. Each successfully completed round increases your progress. Once you reach the point where Quizlet asks you if you would like to Finish or keep studying, you will be marked as having completed the study mode and will be marked as complete in Class Progress



To receive a checkmark for Flashcards mode, you’ll need to review each term and definition in the set. You can view your progress on the left sidebar of the Quizlet website or in the header of the Quizlet iOS or Android app You’ll know you’ve completed Flashcards when you see a review screen with the option to Start over.




To complete Write, you need to study until you've answered each question correctly and progressed through several different rounds. If you missed questions in the last round, you’ll need to review them again in the next round. You will have completed Write when you see 100% or Finished under the Write mode icon on the set page.

Screenshot of set page with Write mode icon and finished indicator



Spell is made up of multiple rounds, each containing seven questions. You’ll need to answer all the questions correctly before you can finish a round. Each completed round adds progress to your Overall Progress meter (you can view your total progress from the left sidebar). When you’ve completed Spell, you should reach 100% and see “Finished” under the Spell mode icon on the set page.




Your teacher will be able to view your highest score from Test mode. To complete Test, respond to all the questions in your study session and select Check answers.




Complete Match mode by matching all six term and definition pairs on your screen. Your teacher will be able to see your best time on Match from Class Progress.

To complete Gravity and save your best score in Class Progress, you’ll need to end the game by allowing three asteroids to hit the bottom of the screen.



Why doesn’t my study activity show up in Class Progress?

There are a few reasons why students’ study activity wouldn’t show up in Class Progress. Please see the My student's study activity isn't showing up in Class Progress article for more details.  

Where can I find my student’s Class Progress activity?

Quizlet Teacher subscribers can see Class Progress study activity by going to the set page of a set you've added to a class. Then, select the Class Progress icon located next to the Information icon. For more information, please see Using Class Progress.