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Accounts for students under 13

Quizlet is open to students of all ages but there are several differences for students under 13 years old.

Confirmation Email

When you create an account and you are under 13, Quizlet will send the confirmation to your parent's email address and they will have to confirm your account.


If you are under 13, we remove access to social sharing features like Facebook and Twitter.

You can search for classmates, teachers, and friends by Quizlet username in the search box to find their study materials.

Search for user


After your parent confirms your account via the emailed link, you can make your sets public. Until then, all sets will remain private.


If you are under 13, you can make and bookmark folders, but your folders cannot be bookmarked by other users.


If you are under 13, you can join a class but you cannot create your own class.

Profile Image

You cannot upload your own image for your profile picture if you are under 13.