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Creating a new set

Click "Create"

Choose "Create" from the Header anywhere on Quizlet.


What do you want to study?

Choose a Title, Description, and Subject.

Choose whether or not other users will be allowed to discuss your set.

Who can see it? Who can change it?

Choose who can see your materials.

Choose who can edit your materials.

Since you're creating the set, you can always change this later.

What language(s) are you using?

Make sure that you set both languages correctly. Accents and characters will pop up on the right.

You can also select "Chemistry" or "Math/Symbols" as a language.

What are you studying?

Enter your terms and definitions/translations,

Delete or move terms on the right side of the line.

To bold a word, simply surround it with asterisks like *this*.

Learn more about adding images too!

Add up to 2,000 terms

Each study set has a limit of 2,000 term/definition pairs. Older study sets may contain more terms than that, but to ensure that Quizlet is performant, we now limit each set to 2,000 terms.

Click "Create Set"

This button is at the bottom of the screen,

Find out about "auto-save" here in case of a computer problem while making your set.

You're done!

Start studying your set in all 6 modes on Quizlet!