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Discounts for schools and groups

Are multiple teachers using Quizlet at your school? Want to get your department or entire school using Quizlet? Get the most out of Quizlet by purchasing discounted group Quizlet Teacher or Quizlet Plus memberships (20% off on two or more upgrades and 25% off on fifty or more). Quizlet is better when more teachers use it together!

Purchasing Group Upgrades

To purchase a group of Quizlet Teacher memberships, first go to this page and enter the number of teacher accounts you’d like to purchase or upgrade. Discounts will be automatically applied to the total (to purchase a group of Quizlet Plus student memberships, use this page). You can also customize your receipt with your school name or other information needed for reimbursement. Then click "Add to Cart."

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On the next page, you can pay with a credit card, PayPal or Amazon. If you need someone else at your school to pay, click on the "Need someone else to pay" button. (Please note: to generate an invoice with the "Need someone else to pay" button, you must log into Quizlet or create a free account.)

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From this page you can send the invoice by email with a personalized message to the appropriate person at your school. The email will include a link to purchase the group upgrade.

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Activating Group Upgrades

After purchasing a group upgrade, we will send you two emails. One email contains your receipt and the second email contains the activation link that your group members can use to redeem their upgrades. You can also access the activation link from your Settings page.

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This activation link will work for new users, or existing Quizlet users. If a teacher already has an upgraded account, this will give them an additional year of Quizlet Teacher.

More questions?

Please email us at

For purchases of 5 or more upgrades, we can work with you to process a P.O./check. We can also provide a W9 and sole source letter.