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Editing or deleting a set

Once you've created your study set, you can edit or delete it at any time.

How to Edit a Set

Click on "Edit" in the Tools section of the main set page.

Tools - Edit

If you're not seeing the "Edit" option, you may not have permission to edit the set or you may be logged into the wrong account. If you have multiple Quizlet accounts, be sure that you are logged into the account that you created the set with.

Editing Information About Your Set

On the top of the Edit page you can change the set's title and description:

Editing title and description.png

You can also update privacy settings and editing permissions:


Editing the Contents of Your Set

You can edit, add, delete, reorder, or flip your terms and definitions. You can also import data, update languages, add images, and record audio.

Adding Terms — Click on the plus icon to add a new term row to the bottom of the set.

new term 1.png

To insert a new row between existing terms, click on the plus icon on the left.

new term 2.png

Deleting Terms — Use the "x" on the righthand side of the definition box.

delete term.png

Reordering Terms — Hover your mouse over the term number on the left, so the line icon appears. Then drag and drop the term to a new position.

reorder term.png

Flipping Terms/Definitions — Click the double-sided arrow to flip the term and definition columns.

flip terms.png

Importing Data — Click on "Import" to create a set from an existing document. Learn more

import terms.png

Updating Languages — Click on "Change" if the selected language is not correct.

Change language.png

Adding Images — Click on the picture icon to add images from our free image library. Learn More

add images.png

Recording Audio — Click on the mic icon to record your own voice on your terms. Learn More

record audio.png

Deleting Study Sets

To delete a study set that you've created, first go to the set page. Then hover over "More" in the Tools section, then click "Delete."

Tools - Delete

Removing Study Sets

To remove a flashcard set from your Latest Activity feed, click on "Your Sets & Classes" in the left sidebar.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 6.51.56 PM

Then go to your "Studied" tab and click on "Hide" on the right.