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Using set discussion

You can use set discussion to ask questions about a study set or point out errors. As a set creator, you have the option of turning set discussion on or off.

Please note that set discussion is only available for Quizlet users 13 years and over.

Finding Set Discussion

The discussion box is located on the Info tab of the set page.


If discussion has been enabled on that set, it will look like this:


Turning On Set Discussion

Set discussion is turned off by default.

discussion off.png

If you are the set creator, you can turn on set discussion by going to the Info tab and clicking the discussion box's "OFF" button to "ON."


Deleting a Discussion Message

You can delete your own discussion messages at any time. Simply click on the red "X" next to your message.

On a flashcard set you have created, you can moderate the discussion. You will see a red "X" next to every message and have the ability to delete any or all messages.

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