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Creating a class for your students

Quizlet classes are a great way to get your study sets organized for your students. With a free Quizlet account you can create up to 8 classes, and with a Quizlet Teacher account you can create unlimited classes.

Sign up for a Quizlet account

If you haven't already, sign up for a Quizlet account.

Create a class

From your Latest Activity page, click on "Create a class" in the left sidebar.


Now enter your class name and description.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 4.44.41 PM.png

If you don't want your students to be able to add their own study sets or invite new members, uncheck the box under the class description.

Now type in the name of your school and choose the correct school name from the drop-down.

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If you don't see your school name, you can add it by clicking on "Don't see your school? Add your school."

Now click on "Create class" to get started adding sets and students.

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Add study sets

To add study sets to this class, click on the green "Add a Set" button in the upper right.

add set.png

You'll get a list of all the sets you've created (as well as sets in your folders and sets you've studied).

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You can also add a set from the set page, by clicking on "Add to a class" on the upper right.
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Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 4.55.08 PM.png

Making your sets visible to class members only

If you want your sets to be visible to only members of your class, click on the "Visible to everyone" button when editing or creating a set.

Visible to button.png

Then choose "Certain classes" from the "Who can view?" options. Select your class and hit "Save."

Choose class.png

Please note: Your students must be members of your class to view content with this permission. If a student cannot see your set, make sure that they have been successfully added to the class.

Add your students

There are several ways for teachers to add students to their classes. Start by clicking on the "Add members" button in the upper right.

add members.png

Adding individual students

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To invite an individual student, enter their email address (or Quizlet username if you know it) and press "send." Quizlet will send the student an invitation to sign up for Quizlet and join your class.

Bulk Email Invites

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If you're inviting a lot of students together, click on "Bulk email invites" and then copy and paste up to 150 email addresses (or Quizlet usernames). Quizlet will send all your students individualized invitations to join your class.

Automatic Join Link

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You can share this link with your students in whatever way is convenient. Copy and paste it into whatever communication tools you use with your students. Or write it on the whiteboard in the classroom. If students visit this link they'll be able to sign up for Quizlet accounts and be automatically added to your class.

Finding your class on Quizlet

Your students or other teachers can also find your class by typing the Class title into the search bar in the header. Then click on the "classes" tab in search.

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