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Sharing your sets

Email, Twitter, Facebook, or Short Link

Share any public set by clicking on "Share" in the Tools section of the main set page. You can email the set to a friend, post it to Facebook or Twitter, or write the short URL on the board for your students.

Tools - Share
Share modal

(Please note: if you aren't seeing these sharing options, your flashcards may be set to private. Check and change this setting by clicking on "Edit," also on the upper right of the main set page.)

Add a Set to a Quizlet Class

If you use classes on Quizlet, click on "Add to Class" in the Tools section of the main set page to add the set to a class.

Tools - Add to class
Class modal

You can also add sets to a class from the main class page. Click on "Add a Set" on the upper right and sets that you have created will appear. Click on the plus symbol to add them to the class.


When you add a set to a class, everyone in the class will receive an email notification and can view the set when they log in to Quizlet.

Sharing for Teachers

We recommend setting up a Quizlet class for your students so that they'll be able to receive notifications about new sets you create easily.