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Quizlet is blocked or not working

If you're having trouble accessing Quizlet from a school network, the information below should help solve your problem. Please reach out to us via Feedback with any questions.

Quizlet is blocked on my school's network

Quizlet is designed to be a safe study experience for students.

If you learn that Quizlet is blocked on your school's network, please contact your school or district's IT admin and have them whitelist the following:


IP addresses:


Images aren't loading for me or my students

If you're having trouble viewing images on study sets or in Quizlet's study modes, please make sure your school isn't blocking Flickr.

HTTP Hostname and TLS SNI Mismatch errors

If you're seeing this error when trying to load the Quizlet website, please follow the steps below.


Why am I seeing this error?

We recently converted the entire Quizlet website to SSL to make it more secure. Because of this, some schools are experiencing an issue with a mis-configuration of another service in their network. In most cases, we've isolated the problem to the use of ZScaler, a content filtering proxy system.

Please contact your IT department to find out if they're using ZScaler, and send them a link to this FAQ so they can follow the steps below to resolve this problem.

How to fix this if using ZScaler

This workaround enables you to bypass Quizlet URLs from SSL inspection in ZScaler, and send them successfully so you can access Quizlet.

  1. Go to ZScaler's admin UI
  2. Select Policy
  3. Select SSL Inspection
  4. Select Policy for SSL Decryption
  5. Select bypassed URLs
  6. Add “” (This will ensure that all of Quizlet's sub-domains are also bypassed)

Note: The ZScaler team is actively working on resolving this issue, ticket no. BUG-24163

Please contact us via Feedback or e-mail for further assistance.