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Getting rid of ads on Quizlet

Ads help us pay the bills. Free Quizlet accounts are supported by advertising.

We do have real costs including staff, servers, and office space to name a few. Advertising allows us to cover those costs while continuing to improve Quizlet.

Upgrading to Quizlet Plus or Quizlet Teacher will remove all advertising from Quizlet.

How do I report inappropriate ads on Quizlet?

Our advertising partner is Google and they automatically pair up ads on Quizlet with their 3rd party advertisers; we don't work directly with advertisers. This works very well the majority of the time, but sometimes clearly undesirable advertisements come through. We do our best to remove these as soon as we see them or they are reported by users.

If you spot anything you think is inappropriate, or encounter any other problems, please note the URL that the ad leads to and let us know immediately at Feedback.