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Abandon 放棄
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Achieve 達成If you work hard, you will eventually achieve your goals.Acknowledge 承認I acknowledge that his advice is right.Acquire 獲得Gradually he acquired a good reputation.Adapt 適應She tried hard to adapt herself to the new job.Adjust 調整You must adjust your pace of learning.Administer 管理It's not easy to administer a large company.Admire 欣賞A good learner should know how to admire the others.Admit 承認He doesn't want to admit his failure.Adopt 採用The manager adopted my suggestion after consideration.Advise 勸告;通知My mother advised me to quit the job.Affect 影響The bad weather affected everyone's mood.Afford 承擔She can't afford to buy a house.Alarm 提醒My neighbour alarms me there is a storm tomorrow.Alter 改變Has he altered his mind?Amaze 使驚奇Your coming really amazed me.Analyse 分析Please try to analyse the questions with your own knowledge.Annoy 使苦惱My boyfriend was annoyed with me for being late all the time.Anticipate 預期;期待No one can anticipate what will happen.Appeal 吸引(v.) / 請求;上訴 (n.)The police are appealing (v.) to the public for any information. The client made an appeal (n.) for return to the company.Apologize 道歉I must apologize to you for not answering your letter.Apply 適用;申請She applied for the post of teaching assistant in a secondary school.Appoint 指定Our boss appointed Alex as the spokesman of the company.Appreciate 感激We all appreciated your help.Approach 接近 (v.) / 方法 (n.)She carefully approached (v.) the cave. This is not a good approach (n.) to solve the problem.Approve 贊成The boss does not approve of his resignation.Argue 辯論It's useless to argue with me.Arouse 喚醒His strange movement aroused my curiosity.Arrest 逮捕They arrested nobody in this case.Ascend 上升The arrow ascends quickly to the sky.Assist 幫助I always assist mom in doing the housework.Associate 使有關聯;交往Lung cancer is mostly associated with smoking.Assume 假定Tony assumed that his girlfriend was joking.Assure 向某人保證Sam wasn't able to assure her of his support.Attach 繫上I will attach the tags to your baggage.Attain 達成l am sure I can attain my aim.Attempt 嘗試I attempted (v.) to warn him of the dangers of the task. It is a good attempt (n.) to be more confident during your presentation.Attract 吸引The new policy attracted attention from minorities.Attribute 認為是...的關係She attributed her failure to bad luck.Avoid 避開We all avoided mentioning that sad story.Award 獎勵The winner will be awarded (v.) a life-long free pass in the centre. Nic received a myriad of awards (n.) for doing voluntary work.Benefit 有益於;獲益Everyone will benefit from this book.Bestow 贈予I bestowed my watch on my sister.Betray 出賣I will never betray you.Beware 小心Beware of pickpockets.Blame 責備He blamed (v.) me for the rudeness of words. Do net always put the blame (n.) on others.Bleed 流血I cut my finger accidentally and it started to bleed.Bless 祝福May God bless you.Bloom 盛開Lotus blooms in the summer.Boast 吹噓Don't boast about your romance.Bother 困擾He didn't have the heart to bother you.Breathe 呼吸It is a good idea to go to the country park and breathe some fresh air.Broadcast 廣播There is a new program broadcasting every Sunday morning.Bury 埋葬Students always bury themselves in their study.Capture 捕獲The murderer was captured by the police.Celebrate 慶祝This is a party to celebrate his promotion.Cherish 珍惜She cherished the time she studied in the UK.Circulate 流通The news circulates very quickly.Claim 索取;聲稱My son claimed my money.Clarify 澄清The teacher was asked to clarify the concept.Classify 分類He is classifying these letters.Cling 堅持;依附The little girl was clinging onto a cuddly toy.Coincide 與...一致My sickness coincided with my brother's.Collapse 倒塌The house collapsed because of earthquake.Commit 承諾;犯罪The government must commit itself to improving healthcare.Communicate 傳遞;溝通Did he communicate the news to you?Compensate 賠償Victims of the crash will be compensated for their injuries.Compete 競爭You can compete with our best player.Conceal 隱藏She concealed the most important part of the affair.Concentrate 集中A student must concentrate his attention on studying.Conclude 作結論The professor concluded his lecture with a joke.Confess 承認;告白I must confess my love to her.Confine 限制Well confine this meeting to the urgent issues.Confirm 確實This evidence confirmed my assumption.Confront 面對Jason is confronting his deepest trouble.Confuse 使...混亂I was confused by your letters.Congratulate 恭喜I congratulate you on your marriage.Consent 同意Very reluctantly, I've consented to lend her my car.Consider 思考You must take time to consider the solution.Consist 由...組成This delegation consists of 50 government officials.Console 安慰He tried to console her, but she kept saying it was all her own fault.Consume 消費He consumed most of the money in books.Contain 包含This book contains over 100,000 words.Contribute 貢獻She contributed a lot of clothes to the relief fund.Convey 運送Children are conveyed by school bus to their school.Convince 使信服She convinced me of her innocence.Cooperate 合作We cooperate with the police to locate the suspects.Cope 應付This problem is hard to cope with.Criticize 批評We should not criticize the others if we may make the same mistake.Cultivate 耕種;裁培Not all the land can be cultivated.Damage 損壞The rain for days damaged the crops.Dare 膽敢;挑戰Ann dare not go to the washroom at night on her own.Debate 辯論They debated on the issue openly.Deceive 欺騙I regretted I had deceived him.Declare 公佈That firm declared its new strategy.Decrease 減少The company has decreased the number of its staff members.Delay 延誤Your mistakes delayed our arrangement for two days.Demand 要求The teacher demands that students be quiet when he speaks.Demonstrate 示範;示威The salesman demonstrated to us how to work the machine.Deposit 存放 (v.) / 訂金 (n.)Dean deposited (v.) a large amount of money into his bank account. You need to pay the deposit (n.) to rent the house.Depress 壓低;使沮喪Don't let the frustrations of life depress you.Deprive 奪去;剝奪That car accident deprived her of her legs.Derive 獲得Japanese derives from Chinese.Describe 描述Words can't describe what love can do.Deserve 應得I always think that I deserve more than what I get now.Despise 輕蔑He was despised by everyone for his dishonesty.Destroy 毁壞The typhoon destroyed the whole area.Determine 下決心;決定I determine to study German after high school.Devote 貢獻;奉獻She devoted herself to studying.Differ 異於Our hobbies differ from each other.Digest 消化They say it takes eight hours to digest the food you've eaten.Disappoint 失望Your cheatings disappointed me.Discount 打折 (v.) / 折扣 (n.)The dinner was discounted (v.) 10% since we paid it by credit card. Can you give me some discount (n.) if I buy 10 Items?Discourage 使打消念頭;使氣餒Carl tried to discourage his daughter from dating boys.Discriminate 歧視;分辨It's hard to discriminate between right and wrong.Disguise 喬裝He disguised himself as a hobo and wouldn't be noticed.Display 展示The latest products are all displayed in the window.Disprove 證明...是虛假的The allegations have been disproved.Dispute 爭吵It's useless to dispute about the matter now.Distinguish 區分Can you distinguish the one you met yesterday?Distribute 分發;分配I distributed all my money to the poor.Disturb 打擾;使煩惱Don't disturb Dad while he is at work.Dodge 閃躲;迴避The celebrities are trying hard to find excuses to dodge the questions.Dread 恐懼I dread to see my teacher most.Echo 回音;重複During the parade, the sound echoed (v.) through the street. The hall is so small that we can hear the echo (n.) of our own voice.Eliminate 殲滅;淘汰We have to eliminate the losing team from the competition.Embark 上船We embarked on a boat.Embarrass 使尷尬Spencer seemed embarrassed by the words you said.Emerge 出現;露出The moon emerged from behind the cloud.Emphasize 強調The report emphasizes the importance of a balanced diet.Employ 僱用;運用Twenty-five people are employed at this company.Encounter 遭遇We have yet encountered (v.) any big problem until this stage. It is the worst encounter (n.) of the day for me.Encourage 鼓勵We encouraged her to participate in the performance.Endure 忍受;持續I can't endure the pain anymore.Enforce 強迫;執行I won't enforce anyone to do this.Entertain 娛樂We were all entertained by this vivid performance.Equip 設備Our new library is well equipped.Establish 建立HKU was established in 1910.Estimate 估計;估價The fire damage is estimated to be 200 thousand dollars.Exaggerate 誇大You exaggerated the benefit of the medicine.Exceed 超越I exceed my brother in intelligence.Exchange 交換;兌換We exchanged information on the affair.Exclude 把...排斥在外Women are still excluded from the club.Exhaust 耗盡She had exhausted her savings.Exhibit 展示The hall is exhibiting my paintings.Exist 存在Poverty still exists in Hong Kong.Expand 擴大;拓展We've expanded our business by opening two more centres.Explode 爆炸The terrorists exploded a bomb in a theatre.Exploit 開發;利用They are exploiting the gold in the mountain.Explore 探險The sailors explored the unknown island.Export 輸出;外輸China exports a lot of rice every year.Expose 使暴露We consider it a good idea to expose children to art and music.Express 表達Words can't express my gratitude.Extend 擴大;延伸I'd like to extend my stay for another two days.Extract 獲取The scientist tried to extract town gas from the petroleum.Faint 暈倒 (v.);微弱的 (adj.)Joan almost fainted (v.) as she has been starving for a whole day. Do not read books under a faint (adj.) light.Fasten 繫緊Please fasten your seat belt as the plane is going to take off.Float 漂浮I saw a little raft floating on the lake.Flourish 使繁榮Our business is flourishing.Forbid 阻止My father forbids me to smoke.Forgive 原諒She forgave me for what I had said to her.Fulfil 履行Our product can fulfil your requirements.Furnish 配備傢俱We spent the whole day furnishing our new house.Gamble 賭博James gambled all his savings on the stock exchange.Generate 生產The sunlight can also be used to generate power.Graduate 畢業(v.);畢業生(n.)Since graduating (v.) from the University, Samson has been working as a doctor. Being a university graduate (n.), you are expected to handle the problem well.Grant 准許 (v.);助學金 (n.)The firm granted (v.) my request. They gave her a grant (n.) to study abroad for one year.Grasp 把握;抓The little boy grasped his father's arm.Heal 痊癒Time will heal your wound.Hesitate 猶豫Don't hesitate to inform me of your trouble.Ignore 無視;忽略Don't ignore my calls!Illustrate 舉例說明The professor never illustrates the concepts with examples.imply 暗示;必須包含Rights imply duties.impose 強制實行The council has imposed a ban on alcohol in the city parks.Impress 使印象深刻I was deeply impressed with the city's prosperity.Imprison 入獄The government officer was imprisoned for taking a bribe.Improve 改善The working efficiency should be improved right away.Include 包括This price includes all the fares.Indicate 顯示;暗示Her voice indicated her disappointment.Indulge 沉溺Colin is indulged in watching Sailor Moon.Infect 感染The flu virus infected almost everyone in the office.Inform 通知He informed me of this message immediately.Injure 傷害Her head was injured last night.Inquire 詢問;調查She called to inquire whether her order was ready.Inspect 檢查We inspected the document for errors.Insist 主張;堅持I insist that my opinion is right.Intend 意欲I intended to go swimming this Saturday.Interact 互動Calum interacts well with his students during class.Interfere 干預;妨礙The government should not interfere in the stock market.Interpret 解讀Can you interpret what the article means?Intrude 介入I don't like to intrude in a family dispute.Invest 投資She invested all her money in stocks.Investigate 研究;調查The police promised to investigate that strange man.Involve 牽涉The evidence shows that Paul is involved in that murder.Irritate 激怒His dishonesty irritated me a lot.Isolate 孤立This island is isolated by sea.Justify 替...辯護How can you justify your innocence?Lack 缺乏;無I lack money.Launch 發射;啟動The instructor taught us the right way to launch a javelin.Maintain 保持;維護David and I have maintained correspondence for 5 years.Manage 管理;經營She managed the hotel while her father was ill.Mediate 調解Police sent a negotiator to mediate between the two sides.Memorize 背誦Students are not encouraged to memorize the sentence patterns.Mention 提及Did he mention this to the manager?Murder 謀殺Two suspects were arrested soon after that girl was murdered.Nap 小睡I spend the whole Sunday afternoon napping (v.) Taking a nap (n.) for ten minutes can increase the efficiency of work.Neglect 疏忽She was so busy that she neglected her dog.Negotiate 談判The police are trying to negotiate with the kidnapper.Nominate 提名She was nominated as the best singer of the year.Notice 注意;認出I didn't notice that you were coming.Notify 通知He notified us that he would accept the job.Nourish 供養;滋養Milk nourishes a baby.Obtain 獲得The latest bus timetable can be obtained at the tourist centre.Observe 觀察;遵守Have you observed any changes in Sam's behaviour?Occupy 佔據Working occupies most of my time.Operate 操作;動手術It's not easy to operate these machines.Oppose 反對;反抗I oppose adopting Tim's proposal since I don't think it works.Overcome 克服You will have many obstacles to overcome.Overlook 遠眺;看漏眼You can overlook the valley from my house.Owe 欠I owe nothing to you.Participate 參與Cathy likes to participate in singing contests.Perceive 察覺;理解Did you perceive anyone coming in?Perform 表演;執行He always performs his duties without complaint.Permit 允許They permitted him to take a break.Persist 堅持I persist in carrying on the plan.Persuade 說服He persuaded me not to buy this car.Plague 使痛苦He has been plagued with heart problem since he was a child.Possess 擁有We should possess adequate knowledge to tackle the exam.Postpone 延期The meeting has been postponed to next week.Pray 祈禱They prayed that they would be rich and happy.Predict 預言He predicts that this year will be a good year.Preoccupy 盤據The room has been preoccupied since last week.Prescribe 規定;開藥Do what your parents prescribe.Preserve 保存Ice preserves food from decay.Pretend 偽裝I pretended that I didn't know you were there.Prevail 流行This computer game has prevailed for ten years.Prevent 阻止A good plan can prevent you from making mistakes.Proceed 繼續進行Father stopped to smoke and proceeded to tell us a story.Prohibit 禁止Talking and eating are prohibited in the library.Prolong 延長The scientists have been seeking to prolong life.Promote 升遷:促進Your visit promoted the cooperation between the two companies.Protest 抗議Many students took to the streets to protest high tuition fees.Provide 供應We provide you with English courses.Punish 懲罰The teacher will punish you if you don't finish your homework.Pursue 追求He pursues the goal of being wealthy.Qualify 使...有資格His experience in this business qualified him for the job.Quarrel 爭吵Never quarrel (v.) with your mother or you will get into trouble. The two parties had a severe quarrel (n.) in the incident.Quit 終止;辭職I quit my job yesterday.Quote 引用She quoted a few lines from Goethe in her article.Recognize 認同;認識The crowd recognized him as a famous artist.Recommend 推薦The waiter recommended me the draft beer.Reconcile 和解After the quarrel the father and the son were reconciled with each other.Recover 回復It took her a long time to recover from her heart operation.Reduce 使...減少My weight reduces when I stop eating sugar.Refer 告訴某人去看She spoke for an hour without once referring to her notes.Reflect 反射;反省He saw himself reflected in the mirror.Reform 改良;改革On leaving jail, Joe determined to reform.Refrain 制止Please refrain from spitting on the sidewalk.Refresh 使恢復精力Taking a shower will refresh you.Refund 退款The client asked the company to refund (v.) as the service was not satisfactory. The impatient customer demanded an immediate refund (n.) rudely.Refuse 拒絕I refused to accept her proposal.Regard 認為He is regarded as the best teacher in our school.Register 註冊I'm going to register for a German course this semester.Regulate 規定Some schools regulate the behaviours of students strictly.Reinforce 增強How you express your conception can reinforce our impression.Reject 拒絕Your request was rejected.Release 釋放;發佈Students can start applying for the courses after the results are released (v). The release (n.) of their new album hit the headlines of the newspaper.Remind 提醒;使想起Please remind me of calling Linus at seven.Remove 移開I removed this chair to another room.Rely 信賴A happy marriage relies on mutual trust.Repair 修理She had her computer repaired yesterday.Replace 代替The calculator have replaced abacus.Reply 回答;回覆I hope you can reply to my question immediately.Represent 表示;象徵Rose represents love.Reproduce 繁殖People can't reproduce lost parts of the body.Request 請求May we request the honour of your presence at our gathering?Require 需要Your motorcycle requires repairing.Resemble 相似You resemble your mother very closely.Resign 辭職The minister resigned his commission.Respond 回答They wanted you to respond to their email as soon as possible.Restore 修復Her broken nose had been restored completely.Restrain 制止She could not restrain her tears.Restrict 限制This activity was restricted by the budget.Retain 保存He retains his textbooks of senior high school.Retire 退休Jason's uncle will retire next month.Reveal 揭露She revealed the secret on purpose.Revise 修訂The editor revised the manuscript and made it shorter.Scatter 散播The heavy rain in the afternoon scattered the heat.Seek 尋找George is seeking employment.Seize 捕捉He seized her arm.Settle 安頓She settled her parents In a motel.Share 分享My sister and I share a house.Slump 猛跌Sales slumped by 40% in the second quarter of the year.Sneeze 打噴嚏I could not stop sneezing as there is a lot of dust in the room.Sparkle 閃閃發光The diamond sparkles (v.) under the light. The sparkle (n.) of the flame frightened the kitten.Spoil 寵壞;破壞Food tends to spoil quickly in summer.Sprain 扭傷Ben sprained (v.) his ankle when running in the race. The sprain (n.) in his elbow ached so much that he cried.Squeeze 擠;緊握My sister is squeezing the sponge hard to make it dry.Stare 瞪著Don't stare at me like that.Starve 飢餓I starve to death.Strive 努力;奮鬥He strived to earn money for buying a house.Subscribe 捐助;訂閲She subscribed all the money to the church.Substitute 代替Home-made cars are being substituted for imported ones now.Suffer 遭受;受苦That company suffered a big loss because of poor management.Suggest 建議;暗示Frank suggested that we should leave early.Summarize 總結Vic excels in summarizing the main ideas of the articles.Supplement 補充She supplemented her health with vitamins.Suppress 壓制We sent out navy to suppress a revolt.Surround 包圍We were surrounded by our enemies.Survive 生還No one survived in that accident.Suspect 懷疑 (v.) / 疑犯 (n.)He suspected (v.) your loyalty. The police found three suspects (n.) of the murder case.Sustain 支撐;經歷He sustained severe injuries in the accident.Swear 發誓I swear to do all can to help you.Sweat 出汗 (v.) / 汗 (n.)Everyone waiting for the bus is sweating (v.) under such a hot weather. He was so nervous and I saw sweat (n.) on his palm.Tap 輕拍 (v.) / 水龍頭 (n.)Maria tapped (v.) the little girl's head and consoled her. You need to boil the tap (n.) water before drinking it.Tend 傾向We tend to take natural resources for granted nowadays.Threaten 恐嚇The mad man threatened to kill himself.Thrive 茁壯成長Our business is thriving.Torture 虐待Several prisoners claimed they had been tortured.Transform 變形;變化They transformed the store into a restaurant.Transmit 輸送He will transmit the money to you tomorrow.Transport 運送Your luggage will be transported to Frankfurt by air.Treat 對待He treats me like his daughter.Tremble 顫抖She can't help trembling after hearing the shocking news.Twist 扭轉Be honest. Don't twist the truth.Undergo 經歷He has undergone a lot of misfortune.Undertake 接受She undertook the job willingly.Uphold 贊成We can't uphold the referee's decision.Upset 使心煩;打翻The typhoon upset our plan.Utilize 利用I am not familiar with the way of utilizing computer to draw.Vanish 消失Many ancient civilizations have vanished mysteriously.Verify 證實We can't verify her statements.Violate 違反You will meet with your punishment for violating the vow.Warrant 使有必要;保證I don't think her wrong actions warranted such a severe punishment.Waste 浪費Don't waste your time on watching TV.Weep 流淚;哭泣Kim was sad hearing the bad news and started weeping.Whistle 吹口哨 (v.) / 哨子 (n.)Harry was whistling (v.) while walking in the garden. The referee of a football match needs a whistle (n.).Wipe 擦拭;消滅The typhoon wiped out the whole village.Withhold 取回She is withholding her signature.Withstand 承受The umbrella can withstand ultraviolet rays.Worry 擔心Don't worry about that problem.