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Absolute 絕對的
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Amazing 令人驚奇的The taste of the plate is so amazing that we ordered two.Ambiguous 模稜兩可的;含糊的Our relationship was ambiguous.Ambitious 有野心的Being too ambitious may not benefit your career.Ample 充足的You'll have the ample time to prepare for the exam.Annoying 煩人的We should tackle the problem before it becomes too annoying.Annual 一年一度的You need to pay an annual membership fee to enjoy the privilege.Apparent 明顯的;表面的There is no apparent difference between an authentic and a fake LV handbag.Appropriate 適當的It's not appropriate to wear red clothes in funeral.Artificial 人工的Artificial Intelligence brings convenience to our daily life.Ashamed 差恥的He was ashamed of his conduct.Astray 迷途的Teenagers go astray easily.Automatic 自動的You need not push any button to open it as this is an automatic door.Available 可利用的Teaching materials are now easily available on the internet.Bold 大膽的We are shocked by his bold change.Boring 無聊的This is not a boring book.Brief 簡潔的My teacher wanted me to make a brief speech in class.Brilliant 出色的Ron is a brilliant swimmer and he got lots of prizes in the competition.Capable 有能力的Ron is capable of playing any sports.Casual 休閒的He always dresses in a casual style.Classical 古典的Sam craves for classical music.Coarse 粗劣的;粗鄙的The coarse fabric irritated her skin.Committed 致力的We are firmly committed to reducing unemployment.Commonplace 平常的The book you wrote is commonplace.Compatible 能相容的Cats and dogs are compatible.Complacent 滿足的He felt complacent because he finished the work on his own.Compulsory 強制的Chinese and English are our compulsory subject.Conscious 有意識的He may become conscious in the next 36 hours.Conservative 保守的Older people tend to be more conservative and suspicious of anything new.Considerable 相當大的The residents consume a considerable amount of water every month.Consistent 一致的The arguments should be consistent to be convincing.Constant 連續不斷的He's in constant trouble with the police.Constructive 建設性的The constructive suggestion is my idea.Continual 不斷的After continual corrections, Mike finally finished his drawing.Continuous 連續的The continuous heavy rain these days resulted to flooding.Contrary 相反的Her opinions are contrary to yours.Corrupt 腐敗的;有錯誤的The corrupt officer was fired.Credulous 易上當的Anita is a credulous person.Cultural 文化的There are lots of cultural differences between the local and the mainlanders.Daring 勇敢的He is a daring adventurer.Decent 體面的Helen wanted to live in a decent house.Desirable 嚮往的Eating fruits every day does give us desirable benefits to our health.Devoid 缺乏的His wallet is devoid of money.Devoted 忠實的He is a loyal and devoted employer in the company.Disappointing 令人失望的To his surprise, his exam result was so disappointing that he cried.Domestic 國內的;家庭的My father doesn't like to use domestic products.Dominant 支配的;重要的Parents and teachers play dominant roles in the growth of children.Doubtful 懷疑的I am highly doubtful about the effectiveness of the policy.Dramatic 戲劇性的;強烈的The sales of the company have undergone a dramatic leap.Drunk 醉酒的Phillip easily gets drunk even after drinking half glass of white wine.Educational 教育性的Reading comics does have its educational value.Efficient 有效率的Being an efficient worker is crucial in a society with a fast pace.Electronic 電子的You should not touch any electronic device with wet hands.Eminent 顯赫的Shakespeare is one of the world's most eminent writers.Energetic 精力充沛的Doing exercise helps us stay energetic even in later life.Enormous 巨大的His new house is enormous.Enviable 令人羨慕的The exam results of him are indeed enviable.Essential 必要的Discipline is essential in an army.Eternal 永遠的"Knowledge is power" is an eternal truth.Evident 明顯的It was evident that she doesn't like him.Exact 正確的It was difficult to understand his exact intention.External 外在的The external features of the building appeal to many tourists.Extravagant 奢侈的It's extravagant to spend so much money on buying clothes.Extraordinary 非凡的His imagination is extraordinary.Extreme 極端的;非常的We took extreme measures to protect our home country.Familiar 熟悉的The man sitting on the bench there looks familiar to me.Fashionable 流行的Some teenagers misunderstand that smoking is a fashionable act.Fatal 致命的She made a fatal mistake.Fierce 猛烈的His uncle became fierce when he lost his temper.Flexible 柔韌的;靈活的This kind of material is flexible.Freezing 極冷的It is freezing outside.Frozen 冷藏的Frozen food is easily available in supermarkets nowadays.Frugal 樸素的He is always frugal of his money.Frustrating 令人沮喪的The negative comments from the examiners were frustrating to the candidates.Fundamental 根本的;重要的The fundamental cause of his success is his diligence.Gradual 逐漸的This is a process of gradual decline.Greasy 油膩的Avoiding eating too much greasy food is definitely good for our health.Haughty 高傲的He was very haughty to me.Historical 與歷史有關的The ruined building there is of a high historical value.Holy 神聖的Israel is the holy place of Christians.Huge 巨大的It is a huge sum of money to me.Humorous 幽默的The humorous personality of Jack appeals to many girls.Ignorant 無知的Many teenagers are ignorant about current politics.Immediate 立刻的Our immediate concern is to raise funds for the buildings.Immense 廣大的I felt an immense gratitude to my teacher.Impudent 放肆無禮的It was impudent of you to talk to me like this.Inappropriate 不適當的The way you used to solve the problem is somehow inappropriate.Inborn 天長的Mozart's talent for music is inborn.Indebted 感激的I am indebted to you for your encouragement.Indifferent 漠不關心的He is indifferent to politic affairs.Industrial 工業的The government somehow ignored the industrial development.Inevitable 無可避免的Her failure was inevitable.Inferior 劣等的;下級的This tea is inferior to that in flavour.Influential 具影響力的The non-profit organization is very influential in forming public opinion.Informative 資訊豐富的You need to provide informative details in the report.Ingenious 靈巧的The ingenious girl made a skirt for herself.Inherent 與生倶來We must not forget our inherent culture.Innocent 純真的;清白的The innocent man was charged with arson.Intense 緊張的;熱烈的His broken arm caused him intense pain.Intent 決意要達成I've tried persuading her not to go but she's intent on it.Internal 內部的The internal structure of this machine is very complicating.Jealous 嫉妒的She was jealous of her friend's wealth.Juvenile 少年的The juvenile delinquent repented and started a new life.Lame 沒說服力的;瘸的John always makes up lame excuses.Legitimate 合法的These are all legitimate documents.Liberal 自由的Our society is liberal and democratic.Loose 寬鬆的;未嚴加控制的It's only a loose translation of the poem.Loyal 忠誠的We should be loyal to our faith.Magnificent 壯麗的This magnificent building took a lot of money.Main 主要的His main purpose was to persuade us.Mature 成熟的This is the most mature thing he has done.Mechanical 機械的The procedure of the duty is very simple and mechanical.Medical 醫療的Having a medical insurance is essential especially in later life.Mental 心理的Adolescents put under great stress may suffer from mental illnesses.Miserable 不幸的The story of the orphan is very miserable.Moderate 適度的The restaurant is moderate in its charge.Necessary 必須的Learning from our own faults is necessary for us to make further improvement.Neutral 中立的Switzerland is a neutral nation.Notable 顯著的We can see the notable progress in his work.Numerous 許多的There are numerous stars in the sky.Obvious 明顯的It was quite obvious that we were late.Official 官方的;公事上的Her official airs made me angry.Opposite 相反的The word "indifferent" does not have an opposite meaning of "different".Original 原創的Antiques cost the most if they are original.Outstanding 傑出的Hins is an outstanding singer.Pale 蒼白的Her face turned pale when she saw the snake.Parallel 平行的These two roads are parallel.Partial 偏袒的;不完全的The reporting in the papers is entirely partial and makes no attempt to be objective.Pathetic 差勁的;令人憐憫的The movie Aftershock was pathetic.Periodical 定期的MILK is a periodical magazine that youngsters love to read.Permanent 永久的Child abuse poses a permanent mental damage to the children.Persuasive 有說服力的The arguments made by the leader of the debate team are persuasive.Physical 物理的Physical exercise is good for our health.Plausible 貌似真實的The plausible theory can't work in practice.Political 政治的Ken has a severe lack of knowledge in political issues.Positive 正面的;積極的This incident had a positive effect on his life.Potential 潛在的The news has scared away potential consumers.Practical 實際的The reference book is of practical use for our project.Precious 貴重的Nothing is as precious as time.Precise 準確的Please tell me the precise date.Prestigious 有名望的The University of Hong Kong is a prestigious institution.Previous 先前的He met his old friend on the previous day.Primary 主要的;根本的Matt played a primary role in the meeting.Primitive 原始的Primitive man lived in caves.Principal 主要的;首要的Laziness is the principal cause of your failure.Proficient 熟練的She is proficient in English.Profound 造詣深的;極度的Our teacher has profound knowledge.Prominent 傑出的Lisa is a prominent doctor.Prompt 迅速的Your prompt action saved the drowning little boy.Prone 有...傾向的Don is prone to lose his temper.Proper 適當的You need to find proper ways but not shortcuts to improve your English.Prudent 慎重的;精明的My father is a prudent investor.Punctual 準時的Being punctual is very important.Racial 種族的Racial discrimination is quite serious in some countries.Radical 激進的;徹底的I don't like his radical words.Rational 合理的His consideration is rational.Raw 生的Some fish can be eaten raw.Regional 區域的;局部的The company underwent a regional adaptation to suit the people's need.Relative 相對的She talked about her experience relative to the subject in public.Religious 宗教上的People in different countries have various religious beliefs.Reluctant 不情願的The boy was reluctant to go to bed.Rigid 僵硬的;頑固的They insisted on a rigid interpretation of the rules.Romantic 浪漫的The story of Romeo and Juliet is very romantic in many people's eye.Royal 王室的We were invited to a royal ceremony.Rude 無禮的Randy was dismissed for being rude.Ruthless 無情的He didn't mean to make the ruthless decision.Sacred 神聖的Islam's sacred book is Koran.Sanitary 衛生的The minister worked hard to improve the sanitary conditions.Satisfactory 令人滿意的The service provided by the staff is far from satisfactory.Savage 野蠻的They are savage people living in a city.Sceptical 懷疑的Danny is a sceptical man.Selfish 自私的Selfish people are hard to get along.Sensible 明智的You need to give sensible suggestions to alleviate the problem.Sensitive 敏感的Calvin is very sensitive to the temperature and the loudness of the sound.Severe 嚴厲的;嚴重的When I was late, my teacher would give severe punishment.Shy 害羞的Don't be shy when you meet strangers.Significant 重要的;顯著的Making progress is significant for everyone who is studying.Similar 類似的We had similar problems.Simultaneous 同時的My English teacher is an expert of simultaneous interpretation.Sinister 不祥的His sinister smile made me creep.Slender 苗條的His sister has got a beautiful slender figure.Slight 微小的Your child has a slight fever.Slippery 濕滑的The ground became so slippery after the heavy rain.Sloppy 草率的I can't put up with his sloppy work anymore.Smooth 平滑的The ground is not smooth enough for roller-skating.Sole 唯一的He is the sole doctor in the small town.Solemn 嚴肅的Mr. Chan is a very solemn teacher.Solid 堅固的;可信賴的All the furniture we sell is very solid.Sorrowful 悲傷的She burst out crying after listening to the sorrowful song.Sovereign 有主權的Vatican is a sovereign nation.Specific 特定的;明確的Can you give details for each specific item?Spiritual 精神上的The spiritual support from her family contributes to her success.Stable 穩定的After several part - time jobs, he's now got a stable job in a bank.Steady 穩步的John is making a steady progress in his study, which pleases his parents.Steep 陡峭的We decided to climb that steep hill.Strict 嚴厲的Bruce is very strict with his children.Stubborn 倔強的He is so stubborn that no one wants to talk to him.Subjective 主觀的Your subjective judgment is not precise.Subtle 不明顯的;微妙的James is a subtle worker in art.Sufficient 足夠的Your money is sufficient to live without work.Superficial 膚淺的We cannot choose a tutor just because of superficial reasons.Superior 較優的;上等的This hotel is obviously superior to the one we stayed at last year.Supreme 最高的You are the supreme person in my life.Surplus 過剩的Surplus food was thrown away.Suspicious 引起懷疑的Please trust me but not be suspicious!Swift 迅速的I saw a swift boat sailing in the sea.Sympathetic 同情的There are many people who feel sympathetic for the abused animals.Systematic 有系統的I suggest you solve the problem in a systematic manner.Temporary 暫時的The document here is just temporary. I will send you the official one later.Tidy 整潔的Keep your room tidy, please.Timid 膽小的Nadia was too timid to enter the haunted house on her own.Tiny 微小的Fleas are tiny insects.Tolerable 可容忍的No pain is not tolerable.Transparent 透明的She bought a transparent umbrella yesterday.Tremendous 巨大的He spent a tremendous amount of money in a day.Tricky 難對付的;詭計多端的The questions of the exam were so tricky that no one could get a pass.Trivial 瑣細的I don't like to spend my time on these trivial things.Tropical 熱帶的Durians are tropical fruit.Trustworthy 可信賴的She is an experienced and trustworthy babysitter.Ultimate 最後的Our ultimate aim is to make you happy.Unanimous 一致的He was elected by a unanimous vote.Unique 與眾不同的The voice of this singer is unique.Unprecedented 空前的The record you made was unprecedented.Vacant 空的This seat is vacant.Vague 模糊的Everything looks vague in the heavy rain.Vast 龐大的Sahara is a vast desert.Vertical 垂直的These two lines are almost vertical.Voluntary 自願的He is a voluntary worker.Wealthy 富有的The wealthy always look down on the more impoverished.Wholesome 有益健康的Red wine is considered wholesome.