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Abundance 充裕
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Admission 准許進入;承認Those who fail in English are not qualified for admission to the university.Advance 進步Iris has great advances in her studies.Advantage 好處Getting up early has many advantages.Adventure 冒險Many people like to live for adventure.Adversity 逆境A true friend will not forsake one in time of adversity.Advertisement 廣告Chris can't help laughing when seeing the funny advertisement.Advice 建議Listen to my advice and stop doing that again!Affair 事務The manager deals with important affairs in a company.Affection 喜愛He has a great affection for dogs.Agency 代理The staff of this travel agency is rude.Agent 代理人Our agent deals with all our business in Hong Kong.Agriculture 農業Agriculture used to be the most important industry in Hong Kong.Aid 幫助The aid to poverties is necessary.Album 相簿;錄音專輯This album is full of pictures of my family.Alcohol 酒Drinking alcohol is not allowed during class.Alien 外星人The living habits of aliens are very different from ours.Allergy 過敏症An allergy may be caused by food.Alliance 聯盟France and Britain were in alliance with each other.Allowance 津貼The elderly has a monthly allowance of 1000 dollars.Aluminium 鋁The main material used for building an airplane is aluminium (n.). Aluminium (adj.) frying pans are now commonly used in many families.Ambition 野心;抱負A man with great ambition is more likely to succeed.Analysis 分析Your duty is to give a thorough analysis of the data.Anniversary 週年紀念They held an extravagant party to celebrate their anniversary.Apology 道歉;歉意Please accept my apologies for keeping you waiting so long.Applicant 申請者There are a lot of applicants for the high-paid job.Application 應用;申請It seems that this information has no practical application.Appointment 預約;任命I already made an appointment with my doctor.Approval 贊成;認可The board of directors gave Bill final approval of his plan.Architecture 建築學;建築物Benjamin is a master degree holder of architecture.Assembly 集會;裝配The principal gave a long and boring speech during the assembly.Assignment 工作;功課It is hard for me to finish all the assignments by today.Assistance 幫助The needy family was grateful for the assistance given.Association 協會;聯繫We decided to set up an association of photography lovers.Athlete 運動員Taylor had a dream of becoming a renowned athlete.Atmosphere 大氣;氣氛There's a very relaxed atmosphere in our office.Attachment 附件Please find the documents you need in the attachment.Attitude 態度His indifferent attitude shown in the meeting angered all his teammates.Author 作者The author of this book is a preeminent scholar.Authority 權威;有關當局You are not of authority to make such harsh criticisms.Avenue 大道;方法Receiving tertiary education is only one of the many avenues to success.Average 平均Five couples are divorced every day on average.Awareness 意識:察覺The prevalence of drug abuse aroused the awareness of the public.Bacon 煙肉I had bacon and eggs for my breakfast this morning.Baggage 行李The belt-boy helped me take the baggage to my hotel room.Bail 保釋The lawyer wants to go bail for the guy.Balance 平衡I almost lost my balance (n.) and fell. You need to balance (v.) the time you spend playing and studying.Banner 橫額The banner outside Tsuen Wan Centre attracts great attention.Bargain 特價品All the bargains in Sasa are sold out.Barrier 隔欄;障礙物The crowds are isolated by barrier.Beast 野獸The Beauty and the Beast is a famous love story.Behalf 代理As Calvin was out, I answered on his behalf.Behaviour 行為The little kid was punished for his bad behaviour.Benefit 利益One benefit of foreign travel is learning how to cope with the unexpected.Biography 傳記I like to read the biography of Anita.Biscuit 餅乾Johnson likes eating biscuits when he is watching TV.Blanket 毯子The checked blanket there costs much more than you can expect.Border 邊緣;國界My aunt lives on the border of Germany and France.Boredom 無聊They started quarrelling out of boredom.Bravery 勇敢;華麗The mother showed great bravery when saving her son.Breath 呼吸Take a deep breath and get yourself relaxed.Bribe 賄賂Taking bribes is not allowed in Hong Kong.Bucket 桶The bucket full of water is too heavy to lift.Budget 預算It is important to balance one's budget.Bullet 子彈The policeman aimed at the murderer but the pistol was out of bullets.Burden 負擔Bringing up children is a heavy burden.Burglar 盜賊My neighbours found a burglar had broken into their house.Calculator 計算機You are allowed to bring with you a calculator for the mathematics exam.Campaign 運動The crowd is planning to launch a campaign against smoking.Campus 校園I will arrive at the campus by 3 pm.Capacity 能力;容量Hong Kong Coliseum has a seating capacity of 12,500.Capital 首都;資本We need more capital to run this restaurant.Carpenter 木匠It may not be an easy task to find a good carpenter in Hong Kong.Catastrophe 災難The famine in Africa is a catastrophe.Category 種類The billiard is a category of athletics.Censure 指責She received a censure for her misbehaviour towards the police.Ceremony 儀式;典禮Their wedding ceremony was unforgettable.Challenge 挑戰Carrie Lam is facing the biggest challenge (n.) of her career. Do not even try to challenge (v.) the decision made by the authorities.Champion 冠軍The team won the champion in the joint-university competition.Channel 頻道 (n.);將...引入(v.)Are you subscribed to this YouTube channel (n.)? The government should channel (v.) more funds to improve the life of citizens.Chaos 混亂;無秩序There was chaos in the city after the typhoon had struck.Chapel 小教堂There is a chapel on the grassy hill over there.Characteristic 特徵The characteristics of this trendy cost outshine the others in the wardrobe.Charity 慈善事業He gave the orphan some money out of charity.Cigarette 香煙The price of cigarette has been increasing since fast year.Circumstance 情況In normal circumstances, doing exercise helps us keep fit.Circus 馬戲團The performance of the acrobats of the circus was breath-taking.Civilization 文明Is the advanced technology the only symbol of civilization of a country?Client 客戶Calvin's a very important client of Burberry.Clinic 診所The clinic in the estate is open for 24 hours.Clue 線索The inspector found no clue to the case.Cocktail 雞尾酒Leslie invited me to join a cocktail party which will be held this Sunday.Coconut 椰子There are many coconut trees on that island.Column 專欄Cathy is a regular reader of one of the columns in SCMP.Comedy 喜劇Watching a comedy with family members is definitely enjoyable.Commodity 必需品Toilet paper is an important commodity.Communication 溝通Communication among family members is essential.Community 社群We visited the Chinese community in Boston.Companion 伴侶Tiffany needs companion when returning home late at night.Comparison 比較In comparison with other Taiwan drinks, Gong Cha is the most popular.Compassion 同情The lawyer had great compassion for his client.Competitor 競爭者We should learn how to appreciate our competitors.Complaint 投訴Stop making complaints about life and treasure what you have.Completion 完全Her desire of wealth had never reached completion.Compromise 妥協The US and Iraq may never come to a compromise.Concert 音樂會It has been almost a year since I last attended a concert.Conduct 行為Alex's conduct has been praised all the time.Concentration 專注力The noise of the television disturbed my concentration.Conference 會議Calvin is in an important conference now, so please call him back later.Confidence 自信心She lacks confidence in herself.Conflict 衝突There is a conflict between Jason and Timmy.Conscience 良心Kay has no conscience.Consciousness 知覺;了解The organization held a campaign to raise the people's consciousness.Consequence 結果In consequence of your continual lateness, I will dock your pay.Consideration 考慮Further consideration is necessary before we carry out this plan.Consultant 顧問Anthony works as an investment consultant in the company.Contempt 鄙視He shows contempt for the people who are in low social status.Contract 合約It took almost 3 months for the two parties to enter into the contract.Contribution 貢獻Any contribution, large or small, will be appreciated.Controversy 爭議These facts are beyond controversy.Contrast 對比;差異The staff here appears more polite in contrast to those in other restaurants.Convenience 方便Please call me back at your convenience.Convention 會議This convention will be held in Taipei.Conviction 定罪That was her second conviction.Cooperation 合作The cooperation among the team members is crucial to winning.Courage 勇氣I don't have the courage to have a tattoo.Coward 懦夫Stop acting like a coward and go for it!Cradle 搖籃;發源地The baby is sleeping in the cradle. Be quiet!Creature 生物The scientists are working hard to prove the existence of creatures on Mars.Criminal 罪犯The policeman is searching for the escaped criminal (n.). Arson is a serious criminal (adj.) offence.Crisis 危機The energy crisis lasted for several years.Criticism 批判I can't accept any criticism of my article.Culture 文化Cathy knows the cultures of western countries.Dairy 奶類Charles is allergic to dairy products.Damage 損害The flood caused great damage.Data 數據Now the speed of transmitting data is very fast.Debt 借款John has many debts to meet, but he has no money.Decade 十年We haven't seen each other for several decades.Decay 腐敗;衰退The Roman Empire fell into decay.Deceit 欺詐Felix is a man of deceit.Defence 防禦The moat strengthens the defence of the castle.Delight 欣喜To our delight, he passed the exam.Demonstration 示範:示威The students are much dearer about the topic after the demonstration.Despair 絕望Nobody will be in despair forever.Detail 細節Could you tell me all the details?Detective 偵探The detective carried out a thorough investigation in the room.Device 裝備The remote controller is an electronic device.Devil 魔鬼The serial murderer was described as a devil by the police.Diet 飲食Having a balanced diet is essential to maintain a healthy body.Dignity 尊嚴The government should do something to honour the dignity of the elderly.Disappointment 失望To my disappointment, I couldn't get straight As in my English Exam.Disaster 災難The disaster caused great damage.Discipline 紀律There should be tougher discipline in schools.Discovery 發現The discovery of the tombs shocked the archaeologists.Disease 疾病His mother spent a lot of money with a view to curing his deadly disease.Disguise 喬裝He had to get out of the building in disguise.Disgust 憎惡She was filled with disgust at herself.Disorder 混亂The classroom was in disorder.Dissatisfaction 不滿All employees expressed no dissatisfaction with the company.Earplug 耳塞The workers digging the road outside are wearing earplugs.Economy 經濟The government plans to cut taxes in order to stimulate the economy.Effect 效果TV programs have an effect upon children.Efficiency 效率The new tools have increased our work efficiency.Election 選舉We need a fair election to decide who the leader of our team should be.Electricity 電力There will be no electricity supply for the whole next week due to the tsunami.Embarrassment 尷尬Embarrassment filled the hall when the president tripped over the carpet.Emergency 緊急事件There is an emergency exit at the comer of this room.Emotion 情緒Like a lot of men, he finds it hard to express his emotions.Emphasis 強調We lay emphasis on quality rather than on quantity.Engineer 工程師My father is working as an engineer in the department.Environment 環境We should spare no effort to protect our environment.Envy 嫉妒My father is a man of envy.Equipment 設備Please check whether all the equipment can function properly before class.Ethic 倫理The course which deals with moral conduct is called ethics.Evidence 證據There is no evidence supporting his argument.Evolution 進化We study the evolution of humans.Exception 例外Even the celebrities are of no exception to abuse drugs.Excess 過量This year's profits will be in excess of 100 thousand dollars.Existence 存在I deeply believe in the existence of god.Expansion 擴大The expansion of the company is much faster than they could imagine.Expense 開支We can afford the expense to buy a car.Experiment 實驗Many scientists make an experiment with a white mouse.Explanation 解釋The teacher doesn't accept my explanation for being late.Exposure 暴露More frequent exposures to English help us master the language easily.Expression 表達;用語He uses a lot of unusual expressions.Facility 設施Protesters have been demonstrating outside the new research facilityFactor 因素People's voting habits are influenced by political, social and economic factors.Faith 信心;信仰;忠誠I always put my faith in the future.Fault 缺點Every man has his faults.Favour 贊同These plans are unlikely to find favour unless the cost is reduced.Feature 特色Diligence is the feature of Chinese.Fist 拳頭Jonathan was so angry that he held his fists tight.Flame 火焰The flame of the candles caught the baby's eyes.Flavour 味道Calum likes the flavour of vanilla.Focus 焦點Adjust the focus before you take pictures.Foundation 基金;基礎All the buildings need sound foundations.Fountain 噴泉;噴水逮There is a grand fountain located at the middle of the plaza.Frame 框This door won't shut properly. I think the frame must be out of true.Frequency 頻率Complaints about the frequency of buses rose in the last year.Friction 摩擦力Friction causes the moving bicycle to stop finally.Friendship 友誼Travelling with friends is a good way to maintain friendship.Frustration 挫折It is impossible that life is without frustrations.Function 功能;作用The function of this machine is great.Furniture 傢俱We need some new furniture to decorate our new house.Gangster 流氓Cases of adolescents being bullied by gangsters worried the parents.Genius 天才Shakespeare is a genius writer.Gesture 姿態Having an appropriate gesture is crucial to make a remarkable presentation.Globe 地球People didn't know that the globe is round in ancient times.Glory 光榮He did his best in the competition for his glory.Gratitude 感激He felt great gratitude to his English teacher.Greed 貪婪Man's greed for money is endless.Grief 悲傷He became sleepless with grief.Growth 成長Balanced food is good to the growth of a child.Guidance 指導Thanks to their guidance, I found my way to the destination.Habit 習慣Smoking is a bad habit.Harbour 港口The Victoria Harbour attracts many tourists from different countries.Harm 損害Smoking will do you great harm. Why don't you just quit?Harmony 融洽The decision will bring them into harmony.Haste 急速More haste, less speed.Hatred 憎惡She treated him well in spite of hatred.Haven 避難所Home is the best haven.Hazard 危險War is full of cruelty and hazards.Headquarters 總部The headquarters of the company is situated in the centre of the town.Heaven 天堂This ocean is a heaven for the fishermen as there is a wide variety of fish.Helmet 頭盔Wear a helmet to avoid being hit by hard objects.Heredity 遺傳My face comes from my heredity.Hobby 興趣Calvin's favourite hobby is playing with dogs.Honesty 誠實Honesty is the best policy.Honour 榮譽It is an honour to have you here today.Horizon 視野;地平線The exchange programme did indeed widen our horizons.Horn 角;號The horn of the rhinoceros is sharp and hard.Horror 恐怖He is in such a horror that he can't say a word.Hostility 敵意They had no hostility to the new classmates.Hygiene 衛生Good hygiene is a fundamental element for a restaurant.Identification 識別Every building has its own identification number.Identity 身份Her driver's license revealed her identity.Ignorance 無知Joan was blamed for the mistake even though she showed much ignorance.Impression 印象Giving the interviewer a good impression is imperative to get the job.Impulse 衝動I hit him on impulse.Incident 事件She decided to tell others about the incident.Independence 獨立India obtained independence from Britain in 1974.Indication 指示;顯示There are some indications that the war will soon be over.Individual 個人(n.);獨立(adj.)A separate bag of necessities is given to each individual (n.) in the camp. Doing each individual (adj.) task according to its sequence is essential.Information 資料Thank you for giving us all the information we need.Initial 首字母(n.);開始的(adj.)The initials (n.) of his name is L.C.K.. The initial (adj.) step for the experiment is to rinse the equipment.Injury 損傷The victim of the disaster suffered from serious injuries.Inspector 檢查員The inspector had a thorough search in the room.Instrument 樂器;器械The doctor bought several instruments.Insult 侮辱That is an insult to his pride.Insurance 保險Sue found a job selling insurance.Intellectual 知識份子 (n.) / 智力的 (adj.)The intellectuals (n.) in the society possess the power to change our life. Being intellectual (adj.) is one of the key ways to success.Intelligence 智能;智慧Edison is a man of high intelligence.Intensity 強烈Your song showed great intensity of feeling.Intention 意圖It was not my intention to upset you.Investigation 調査They started the investigation Into the crime three years ago.Involvement 牽涉Their involvement in the murder case was not well proved.Isolation 孤立The isolation of the country accounts for its decline in economy.Issue 議題They have published many books on political issues.Jam 交通堵塞There is a traffic jam on the way to the airport.Jealousy 妒忌She is above jealousy.Jewellery 珠寶I bought her jewellery as her birthday present.journal 期刊;日記I have a habit of reading academic journals.Journalist 新聞記者Students should learn how to write like a journalist.Journey 旅行Peter has decided to go on a journey to Venezuela.Jungle 叢林There is a wide range of wild animals living in the jungle.Justice 正義Justice is more precious than money.Kangaroo 袋鼠There are many kangaroos in Australia.Knowledge 知識Knowledge is the power.Kidney 腎臟The doctor said that his kidneys were not in good condition.Kindergarten 幼稚園There is no kindergarten m the area.Labour 勞力Wages for unskilled labour are usually not very high.Laboratory 實驗室They know well how to operate the apparatus In the laboratory.Ladder 梯子He was not tall enough to take the book without a ladder.Landscape 景色Hong Kong's landscape at night is beautiful.Laundry 待洗或洗完的衣物Can you have the laundry put into the washing machine?Leather 皮革We should use less leather products to save the animals.Legend 傳說Mars is a hero of old legend.Legislation 立法Legislation is the responsibility of a congress.Leisure 休閒My parents encourage me to do more exercise at leisure.Liar 說謊者He is a liar! Do not trust him.Liberty 自由Liberty is beyond all things.License 執照You are not allowed to drive without a license.Lifeguard 救生員There are usually two lifeguards on duty at the swimming pool.Lipstick 唇膏My younger sister used mem's lipstick to draw.Literature 文學Lester has a great knowledge in the English literature.Liver 肝臟Drinking too much alcohol will do harm to our liver.Lobster 龍蝦We had a whole lobster for our luxurious dinner.Luggage 行李The visitor refused to let the bellboy take his luggage.Luxury 奢華The rich people live In luxury.Machinery 機器The operation of the machinery is too complicated for me.Majority 大多數The majority was against the proposal.Manufacturer 製造商The manufacturer of the new products earned a lot.Manuscript 手稿He sent the 400-page manuscript to his publisher.Material 材料Oil is the essential material in our life.Maximum 最大The maximum of speed is 50 miles an hour here.Measure 策略The president was urged to take measures to solve the problem.Medium 大眾傳播工具Radio is a popular broadcasting medium.Merchandise 商品The department store is full of foreign merchandise.Merit 長處George has more merits than Henry.Method 方法A new healing method for cancer was introduced.Microphone 米高風The president was passed a microphone to deliver the speech.Microwave 微波爐Put the fish in the microwave and it'll only take five minutes.Minority 少數Only a minority of the group oppose the policy.Miracle 奇蹟It is a miracle for him to be conscious again within 2 days after the accident.Mission 使命The mission of the organization is to help the victims rebuild their home.Murder 謀殺He was involved in a murder case.Muscle 肌肉Doing exercise regularly is a good way for building up muscles.Mushroom 蘑菇My sister is fond of eating mushrooms.Mystery 神秘的事物Up till now, the truth behind the scene is still a mystery.Nationality 國藉She has American nationality.Necessity 必需品Providing the impoverished with necessities is what the government can do.Negligence 疏忽The accident was caused by the negligence of the bus driver.Network 網路We can know everything by network.Nightmare 惡夢In her nightmares she was killed by a ghost.Nutrition 營養Her illness is because of her poor nutrition.Obligation 責任We are under obligation to protect our country.Observation 觀察Ray is a man of keen observation but of few words.Obstacle 障礙物The dishonesty is an obstacle to his success.Occasion 場合The first time I met him was on an official occasion.Occupation 職業;佔領You should also write down your occupation when filling out the form.Offspring 後代His offspring succeeded in his business.Olympics 奧林匹克運動會It is the first time for me to watch a live race of the Olympics.Opponent 反對者I defeated my opponent easily in this game.Opportunity 機會This may be an opportunity for you to make a fortune.Orchestra 管弦樂The ticket price of this orchestra is too high for me to afford.Orphan 孤兒Despite the tragedy, the orphan tried his best to fight for a better life.Outcome 結果He can't accept the outcome of the competition.Outlook 展望The firm's outlook for next season is favourable.Output 生產;輸出Our output this year is beyond the expectation.Outsider 局外人Outsiders have a glamorized idea of what it is like to live in the States.Pace 步伐He went to a bus station with a quick pace.Panic 恐慌The speech he made started a panic.Parade 遊行Those soldiers were on parade in front of the presidential palace.Paradise 天堂Hong Kong is known as a shopping paradise for tourists.Parcel 包裹I received a parcel from a friend studying overseas.Participation 參與With his participation, we managed to finish the work before schedule.Passion 熱情Chris is full of passion in anything related to music.Patience 耐性It takes patience to answer students' questions.Pavement 人行道The irresponsible owner let his dog foul the pavement.Pearl 珍珠Pearls are many women's favourite.Penalty 罰款What is the penalty for paying your bills late?Performance 表演His academic performance is not that satisfactory.Perfume 香水I bought her a bottle of perfume for birthday present.Peril 巨大的危險Don't you know you are in peril?Permission 許可You are not allowed to enter the house without permission.Personality 個性The employer is looking for someone who has a good personality.Perspective 看法He has the right perspective on this situation.Phase 階段Unfortunately his disease was not discovered in an early phase.Phenomenon 現象The thunder is a natural phenomenon.Philosophy 哲學Helen has a deep insight in philosophy.Pilot 飛機師Though the pilot of this flight is German, he speaks fluent English.Pioneer 先鋒He was a pioneer in cancer research.Plain 平原There are many plains in the south of Taiwan.Poison 毒藥He killed himself by poison.Policy 政策The government's new policy is to cut taxes.Pollution 污染Water pollution is more and more serious.Pony 小馬The baby likes watching the ponies running on the grassland.Popularity 人氣The popularity of Wii Switch now is beyond PlayStation.Potential 潛力He has writing potential, but he needs training.Poverty 貧窮The poverty gap in the country is significant.Powder 粉末The witch added some strange powders into the soup.Prejudice 偏見The war against prejudice is never-ending.Preparation 準備Education should be a preparation for life after graduation.Presentation 報告The speaker gave an interesting presentation on urban transport.Preservation 保存Preservation of food should be done well in such a renowned restaurant.Pressure 壓力We all live under pressure.Prey 獵物The tiger was hunting for its prey.Principle 原則It's a matter of principle which means a lot to me.Privilege 特權Healthcare should be a right, not a privilege.Procedure 步驟The company has new procedures for dealing with complaints.Process 過程It's all part of the learning process.Progress 進展A press conference is in progress.Profit 利益We obtained much profit from your suggestion.Project 專案We were interested in the project.Proof 證明Can you give me more proof?Property 財產His only property is his old car.Proportion 比例Her body-shape and her weight are out of proportion.Proposal 提議;求婚 -The proposal to close the hospital was rejected.Prospect 展望;可能性There's not much prospect that this war will be over soon.Protection 保護He was wearing a heavy coat as protection against the cold.Protest 抗議There is a protest march in the street.Purchase 購買I saved money for the purchase of a new TV set.Purpose 意圖What is her purpose of visiting me?Qualification 資格He has qualifications for entering a university.Quality 特質The student has the quality of being leader.Quantity 數量A large quantity of our students got A in English exams.Quarantine 隔離The infected were sent to the quarantine lest more people should be affected.Questionnaire 問卷Please finish the questionnaire in fifteen minutes.Quilt 被子It is essential to donate some quilts to the homeless in winter.Quota 限額The company has adjusted their production quota.Radar 雷達The department installed radar to track the location of the planes.Rage 憤怒He slapped her in a rage.Range 範圍They sell products with a wide range of prices.Reaction 反應Your reaction surprised me!Registration 註冊Please go to the reception for the registration of the courses.Regret 遺憾He spent the rest of his life in regret (n.). Daniel regretted (v.) making the wrong choice.Regulation 規定All staff must obey the new regulations.Reliance 依賴The region's reliance on tourism is unwise.Relief 如釋重負After the exam, I felt an incredible sense of relief.Religion 信仰He preached religion in South America.Remark 評論The film critic made some bitter remarks on the film.Remedy 治療New remedy for heart disease is now under study.Renown 名聲He is a tutor of high renown.Replacement 替代It is hard to find any replacement for the president.Representative 代表者Darren plays a representative (adj.) role of the athletics team. Please send one representative (n.) from each team to receive the souvenir.Reputation 名譽Corruption ruined his reputation.Research 研究He began his research on rocks.Reserve 保留Our president spoke with reserve.Response 回應You are advised to give an appropriate response to the controversy.Resort 訴諸He got hold of the money with resort to violence.Resource 資源They are finding new resources of money.Responsibility 責任He doesn't have any sense of responsibility.Restriction 限制That yoga centre has rigid restrictions on its membership.Revenge 報復He swore that he would take revenge in the future.Revolution 革命The French Revolution was from 1789 to 1799.Reward 報酬She gave me a reward for repairing her house.Risk 風險He saved her life at the risk of being drowned.Robbery 搶劫The number of cases of robbery in the town is increasing.Role 角色She is the leading role in the movie.Routine 例行公事Doing routine jobs may be boring sometimes.Ruin 遺跡Their house has become a ruin after a tornado.Rumour 謠言Media is keen on making rumours of the celebrities.Sacrifice 犧牲He made great sacrifices for his wife.Satellite 衛星We use an artificial satellite to detect the weather conditions.Satisfaction 滿意The victory of the game gave the students a sense of satisfaction.Sausage 香腸I had a sausage and two eggs for my breakfast this morning.Scale 尺度Pollution has changed the weather patterns on a large scale.Scent 香味The scent of the fragrance is pleasant.Schedule 時間表You can find the schedule of the course put on the notice board.Scheme 計劃They have a new scheme for building the road.Scholarship 獎學金To receive the scholarship, you need to have a distinction in the exam.Scope 領域The job is beyond my scope.Scorn 輕蔑They looked at the mean boy with scorn.Scout 童軍Jason has been a scout since he was in primary 3.Scrutiny 監視:複查It's necessary to have scrutiny.Security 保安A high level of security is maintained in this superior hotel.Seed 種子She plants apple seeds in the garden.Shame 羞恥His behaviours put his parents to shame.Shampoo 洗髮水I can never forget the scent of the shampoo she uses.Shelter 避難所They are waiting for help in the shelter.Shortage 不足Labour shortage is a serious problem.Shuttle 穿梭運行的車輛I suggest you go there by shuttle.Sigh 嘆氣She answered it with a sigh.Sincerity 真摯How could you doubt my sincerity?Situation 情形We will have ways to improve the situation.Skill 技巧Her father has a special skill in making coffee.Skyscraper 摩天樓The IFC Building is a famous skyscraper.Slang 俗語It's not suitable to use slangs in formal situations.Slave 奴隸Ben is working like a slave In the shipping company.Slavery 奴隸制Slavery no longer exists now.Sorrow 悲痛The sorrow she felt over the death of her husband was too much to bear.Source 來源The source of this river has been polluted.Souvenir 紀念品I kept the pen my tour guide gave me as a souvenir.Species 種類Birds of many species come here in flock every winter.Spice 香料Morocco is quite famous for its spices.Spy 間諜Everyone was shocked after finding the janitor turned out to be a spy.Standpoint 觀點He judged things from a utility standpoint.Statue 雕像A statue is set in the centre of the park.Status 身份The success of her book has given her unexpected celebrity status.Strategy 策略We're working on new marketing strategies for the product.Strength 優點;力量What are the strengths of your team?Struggle 掙扎The struggle between the two men was tough.Suicide 自殺Committing suicide is definitely not an appropriate way to solve problems.Summary 摘要Please give a summary of this lecture.Surrender 投降We will never make an unconditional surrender.Survey 統計According to a recent survey, the quality of life is deteriorating.Survival 生存John was invited to join a survival camp organized by the centre.Suspicion 嫌疑Joe is under suspicion for killing his own wife.Sympathy 同情Their situation excites people's sympathy.Symptom 徵狀He found himself having the symptom of AIDS.System 系統The system needs to be improved as soon as possible.Sword 劍He drew a sword and killed his enemy.Tablet 藥片I had a headache and took 2 tablets of aspirin.Talent 才能Mozart showed his talent for music at tender age.Taste 味覺;品味The juice is sour to the taste.Technique 技巧You can acquire different techniques joining the course.Temperament 氣質Leon has a melancholic temperament.Temperature 溫度The temperature has been rising since last Wednesday.Tendency 傾向He has a stronger tendency to dispute than I do.Territory 領土They extended their territory by annexing lands of others.Terror 恐怖Being in the dark is a terror to me.Theme 主題The theme of this paper is the customs of the Hakka.Theory 理論Theory and practice are both important.Thirst 渴求;口渴His thirst for knowledge is insatiable.Threat 恐嚇This matter doesn't pose a threat.Thrift 節儉Thrift is one of the virtues.Tissue 紙巾Sandy wiped the table with tissue paper.Tobacco 煙草Some people believe tobacco should not be allowed to be imported.Tortoise 龜The lifespan of tortoises can be very long.Torture 虐待These refugees suffered torture from starvation.Tourism 旅遊業The action of the unscrupulous guides tarnishes the glamour of tourism in Hong Kong.Tradition 傳統Worshipping ancestors is an ancient Chinese tradition.Traffic 交通We got into a traffic jam.Tragedy 悲劇"The phantom of the opera" is a famous tragedy.Transition 轉變We learned to adapt the new conditions in a transition period.Transportation 交通The transportation system can be very complicated.Trap 陷阱The bear fell into a trap.Treasure 寶藏The baby is a treasure to her mother.Trend 趨勢Democracy has become the world's trend.Union 工會The student union is organizing a singing contest.Universe 宇宙It is believed there are creatures living in the universe other than on Earth.Vacancy 空缺There are still lots of vacancies here.Valuable 貴重物 (n.) / 有價值的 (adj.)Do net leave any valuables (n.) in the hotel room. Do treasure such valuable (adj.) experiences and learn from them.Vanity 虛榮He wants the job purely for reasons of vanity.Victim 受害者Government planned to make up of the victims of earthquake.Victory 勝利Our team got a victory in high jump.Vigour 體力This eighty-year-old man is still with vigour.Violence 暴力Do net exert violence to the children.Virtue 美德He retains his virtue in any situation.Vitamin 維他命Vitamins are essential for us to maintain a good health.Vogue 時尚The 70's style is in vogue now.Volunteer 義工The organization is looking for volunteers to clean up the park.Warehouse 倉庫The goods have been sitting in a warehouse for months.Warrant 拘捕令We have the search warrant from the judge.Weakness 弱點You need to learn how to hide your weaknesses.Wealth 財富Health is comparatively more important than one's wealth.Weapon 武器Fire the weapon when seeing the sign.Welfare 福利Child welfare is a popular issue now.Wisdom 智慧Wisdom is more important than appearance.Witness 證人He is the witness to the car accident -Worship 崇拜Idol worship is very common among teenagers.Wrinkle 皺紋The wrinkles on the old lady's face make her look even more miserable.Youngster 青少年Youngsters should establish a good relationship with their family.