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Agenda (n)
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Enquiry (n)a question that aims to get information about someone or somethingHeadquarters (n)the place where a company has its main officesHuman Resources (n)the department that is responsible for hiring and training peopleInvestor (n)a person or an organisation that invests moneyLaunch (n)an occasion when a company starts selling a new product or serviceMarket research (n)the process of collecting information about what products people like to buyMultitasking (n)the activity of doing more than one thing at a timeProbation (n)the period of testing or observing the abilities of an employeeProfit (n)a financial gainPromotion (n)the action of raising someone to a higher positionPublic relations (n)the professional maintenance of a favourable public image by a companyRevenue (n)income earned from business activitiesSlogan (n)a short phrase to advertise somethingStaff training (n)the process of training staff for a profession or an activityStrategy (n)a plan or way to achieve somethingSupplier (n)a company that supplies or sells a productTeleconferencing (n)a conference with participants in different locations linked by communication devicesTelemarketing (n)using the telephone to sell goodsTrade (n)the activities of buying and selling goodsTransaction (n)the process or exchange of money when goods are bought or soldTrend (n)a gradual change that produces a resultTurnaround (n)an important change in a situation that causes it to improveTouch base (idiom)to communicate with somebody that you have not seen for a long time, e.g., I was able to touch base with Peter who left the company a decade ago.Set a trend (idiom)to do something new that becomes popular, e.g., Her new designs have set a trend in the shoe business.Not cut the mustard (idiom)not to be good enough, e.g., Peter is hard-working but he just doesn't cut the mustard.Cut to the chase (idiom)to start dealing with the most important aspect of something, e.g., Let's cut to the chase and not waste time on these arguments.Tighten your belt (idiom)to spend less money, e.g., Business is terrible this year and I have to really tighten my belt.Reputation (n)The opinion people have about how good/bad someone or something isFormula (n)A plan for achieving a resultEntrepreneur (n)Someone who uses money to start a business or make business dealsBestseller (n)A book that many people buyRemuneration (n)Payment or other rewards you get for your workUnemployment benefit (n)Money provided by the government to someone who does not have a jobAt the top of one's agenda (idiom)things that need to be done urgently, e.g., Getting the permit approved is at the top of my agenda.Hidden agenda (idiom)a secret reason for doing something because you will get an advantage from it, e.g., She wants the policy to be approved so quickly because she has a hidden agenda.Strike it rich (idiom)to suddenly become rich e.g., I hope my website will attract a lot of traffic and I will strike it rich.Sell like hot cakes (idiom)to be sold very quickly in large quantities, e.g., Those T-shirts sell like hot cakes.Don't sweat it (idiom)it is used to tell people not to worry about something, e.g., The test is easy. Don't sweat it.human resources (n)人力資源information technology (IT) (n)資訊科技insurance (n)保險業journalism (n)新聞業legal service (n)法律服務logistics (n)物流業manufacturing (n)製造業media and communication (n)傳播媒體medical service (n)醫療服務public relations (n)公共關係real estate (n)地產業retail service (n)零售業sales and marketing (n)銷售業social welfare (n)社會福利trading (n)出入口貿易wholesale (n)批發contract job (n)合約制工作freelance job (n)自由/特約工作full-time job (n)全職internship (n)實習part-time job (n)兼職permanent job (n)長工/固定職業self-employed (adj)自僱sideline (n)副業summer job (n)暑期工temporary job (n)臨時工allowance (n)津貼annual leave (n)年假basic salary (n)基本薪金bonus (n)獎金commission (n)佣金day rate (n)日薪double pay (n)雙糧educational allowance (n)教育津貼fringe benefits (n)額外福利hourly rate (n)時薪income (n)收入medical allowance/benefits (n)醫療津貼minimum wage (n)最低工資overtime pay (n)加班費pay rise/increase (n)加薪pay/wage freeze (n)凍薪piece rate (n)以工作量計算薪酬sick leave entitlement (n)可享有的病假travel allowance (n)交通津貼application letter (n)求職信aptitude test (n)能力傾向測試candidate (n)應徵者computer literate (adj)懂電腦操作的computer skills test (n)電腦技能測試CV (curriculum vitae)/resume (n)履歷表fitness test (n)體能測試group discussion (n)小組討論headhunter (n)獵頭公司interview (n)面試interviewee (n)見工者interviewer (n)接見者interviewing panel (n)面試小組job advertisement (n)招聘廣告job search/hunting (n)找工作letter of recommendation/ reference letter (n)推薦信oral test (n)口試referee (n)推薦人screening (n)篩選self-introduction (n)自我介鉊shortlist (n)候選名單transcript (n)成績表written test (n)筆試competent (adj)能幹的confident (adj)自信的creative (adj)創意的dependable (adj)可靠的detail-minded (adj)細心的devoted (adj)專心致志的efficient (adj)效率高的energetic (adj)活力充沛的enthusiastic (adj)熱心的hard-working/diligent (adj)勤奮的independent (adj)獨立的loyal (adj)忠心的mature (adj)成熟的patient (adj)耐心的punctual (adj)守時的responsible (adj)盡責的scrupulous (adj)謹慎的self-disciplined (adj)自律的self-motivated (adj)自動自覺的talkative (adj)健談的